Thursday, April 15, 2021

Two out of Three Ain't Bad

I had another meeting. A long one. Yes, I know that is a sentence fragment. My brain is fragmented right now. 

I did not swim. I did, however, do some roadwork. I shuffled 5.11 miles for my second run of the week. Then I went to Plate City. Two out of three ain't bad, and I don't mean isn't. It was push night at the gym. I benched 

  13 X 100

    8 X 115

    6 X 120

    6 X 120

I decided to start working on my overhead press. On it, I pushed

  12 X 45

  10 X 50

   8 X 55

   6 X 60

Of course I did lots of stretching and several sets of lateral raises.

Of course I wanted to swim. But two out of three ain't bad. Today I shall swim. If King Kong tried to stop me from getting into that pool, King Kong is going to get assaulted and battered. And don't mean maybe.

Lord help me not to have to do that, Jesus. Thank You in advance.

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Yeah, That

It was another one of those days. I work late every Tuesday and enjoy it. But then when I did get off work, I had to mow the lawn on West Monroe. Yeah, that. So something[s] else had to drop from the schedule. This time it was the swim and the run. Yeah, that.

I did go to Plate City which is not only my favorite place, but Pee Wee's also. He stashed all of his toys out there. Penny used move them periodically, back to the patio near his house. But when she did he would drag them all back to Plate City. When I come out, he runs to his toys and begins tearing them to pieces. He wants to be with me out there.

On the new T-bar machine, I pulled

  12 X 35

  11 X 45

  10 X 50

  10 X 52.5

  10 X 52.5

  4 X 52.5 narrow grip 

In addition to that, I did nine chin ups, the last one with a five-pound weight around my neck. Yeah, that. I also did two sets of one-armed bent rows with my top weight, Pendlay style. I finished with four sets of machine curls hitting a new high in weight. Yeah, that too.

The sad part is that most likely I will not get to swim Wednesday either. I have another meeting. Yeah, that. I hate meetings. Rarely are they worth the time. Under Rene Moore, they were. She refused to waste time. This one will be under someone else. I can't wait. Yeah, that.

Tuesday, April 13, 2021


I had a meeting. Yes, I worked late. When I made it home, I had an errand to run. So something had to drop from the schedule. The swim dropped. I tried to call John and tell him. He never lets me know, but I am nice like that. He didn't answered. He didn't call me back. He won't be sorry. 

Not only did the swim drop, but so did the gym. There just was not time neither was there energy to get it in. That has been a problem of late exacerbated by yard-mowing time. I have two yards now. This needs to change. Soon. 

I finally got home and was able to waste some time. Then I went out for some road work. I thought to run ten miles. I felt pretty good so I went eleven. Then I decided twelve was better. I finished around 9:00 p.m. with 15.22 miles. This was my longest continual run of this buildup. I have done more mileage, but the twenty milers I have done have been mixes of running and walking. This was straight shuffling with no Gatorade and no Gu. I ate a banana before the run then drank water on it. 

This should be a good endurance builder for me. When I finished, I was not as stiff as I normally am after a long run. Also, my feet were in good shape. That is one of my big concerns for the Geezer. Bad feet = bad run or a truncated one. God forbid. Thank you, Jesus, for a nice long run with some encouragement. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

4/5 - 4/11

Monday was a light one with a short 1.6 mile shuffle, and heavy lifting at the gym. I did no swimming at all. Tuesday I ran 3.12 and did nothing else. I do not remember what was going on, but time was an issue. 

Wednesday I finally made it to the pool and swam an easy, straight, and slow 1,250  yards. Thursday, I snuck in 2.28 miles of roadwork, swam 2,050 yards, and did some thorough lifting. This was the day the chest-supported row machine made it to the Hideout. I put it together and used the new machine. It is good. I am happy.

Friday I went to the hills and ran 14.61 miles. I did lots of climbing and got a good endurance workout in. Saturday, I swam 2,100 yards, and lifted big. That was also the day I registered for the Senior Olympics. Penny asked me about the date so I went online and looked it up. Her question was providential because Saturday was the last day to sign up for the swim meet. Dude, I almost missed it!

They have expanded the number of events one can do from four to six. Yeah, I signed up for six: the 50, 100, 200, and 500 free, and 50 and 100 back. I am not a good backstroker. I felt, however, that entering these other events would cause me to train harder and work on my backstroke technique. I had already planned to drop the 50 free and add the 100 back. But with the addition of the two extra swims, I can do all the freestyle races and two backstroke races. Probably I will get my butt handed to me in the back stroke. That's O.K. I'll take my whipping like a man.

For the week, I

only lifted weights three times,

swam a mere 4,994 meters, and

ran 20.01 miles. 

That is not enough running for what I have coming up. This week I hope to rebound for a plus-thirty week. I need it. From today, the Great Geezer Run is scheduled to begin in a mere 24 days. Yeah, that gives me two weeks of training and one week of taper. Please pray for me. Jesus, take the wheel, heal my body, and pour in some energy.

Sunday, April 11, 2021


I was pretty tired Saturday after Friday's big run. So I slept in and studied, and drank coffee, and lounged after I woke up. Eventually, I got up to go to the pool. I have signed up for the Mississippi Senior Olympics. This year they have opened it up to six events now so I registered for six: the 50, 100, 200, and 500 free, and the 50 and 100 back. I am not a good backstroker, but I thought it would make me train it harder and maybe I will improve. At the pool, I swam

300 6:00 (stopped to adjust goggles)

1,100 21:14

4 X 50

200 back 4:28

300 medium paddles 5:19

total: 2,100 yards = 1,919 meters.

After some rest and nutrition, I went to Plate City and worked the push and the legs a little. On the incline dumbbell bench press, I did

13 X 30

12 X 40

12 X 40

12 X 40

I also did some overhead dumbbell presses, thirteen sets of lateral raises, and on the squat

3 X 75

3 X 80

3 X 85

21 X 88

2 X 90

The set of 21 put a major hurt on me, but it was better than last week when I bent over to pick something up and felt like I was being electrocuted as my leg muscles locked up on spasms.

So it was a pretty good day. Thank you, Lord.

Another Long One

I did another long one Friday. Not as long as last week, but still enough to build some endurance. I went to the hills and parked at the church in the curve on what they now call Highway 23. From there I went down the hill, the half-mile slope that is always good for some glute and hamstring activation as well as some VO2 max stressing. I went down and up and down and up and then I pulled the two pound hand weights from the bed of my truck and went down and up again. 

Then I ran over to Mount Olive Baptist Church. From my truck, it was 2.8 over and over course that far back. To get there, I had to run and mile-long downhill, cross a bottom, and climb a .75 mile hill going up to the church. I stopped and ate some cookies on the front steps of the church.

On the way back, I stopped at the 220 yard track that sits in the bottom. I thought to do some speed work, but my legs would not cooperate. Also, I took a different route on the way back and came out below the half-mile hill and had to run up it again. Then I took the nearest gravel road and ran to a big hill on it. At the top, I stopped at another church and took a Gu and rested on their front steps. 

Next, I ran back to the cemetery across from the church I parked at. I went inside and found a grave there that the person had died in 1892. Wow. I finished with 14.61 miles. That is a long way from the 26.25 of last week, but last week was a walk/run. This was a straight run and in the hills. It was another deposit in my Geezer Run account. I hope I do not overdraw when the big event comes. Thank you, Jesus, for the good training and the fun I had.

Friday, April 9, 2021




Yes, four.


Sort of.

Sort of? Tell me about it.

Well is started with a walk at work. Katie Jones is always trying to get students to be more active, so she scheduled a walk at 1:00  p.m. 

How many students walked?

One. That is 100% more participation than I expected. You know what they say: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him fish."

They say that?

Somebody does. Well, we walked .89 of a mile.

You call that a workout?

Yes. I am counting it. Then I met John at the pool. Yes.

Yes what?

Yes, he was late. I swam 

1,300 26:36

500 for time 8:18

200 medium paddles 3:44

50 back 1:14

total: 2,050 yards = 1,873 meters.

So that's two. Then I went home and put my new back supported row machine together.

Do what?

It's a machine that lets you do heavy rows (or light ones) while the back is supported.

Why? You lift weights to get strong. You don't want your back strong?

The issue is that the lower back gets over worked while doing heavy rows. Add to that deliberate low back work like deadlifts and squats and the low back sometimes goes wonky. Mine did recently. So when the program comes up for rowing, the back won't take it.

Oh, I see.

Yeah. Now I can hit the rows and not add that extras stress to an already overly stressed body part.

So how is the machine?

Great. This was a good purchase. I lifted while I put it together. By the time it was assembled, I was ready for rows. I did five sets of rowing on the new machine. The feel on the upper back is great, while the strain on the lower back is non-existent.

So you lifted for workout number two.

No. I swam for workout two and lifted for number three.

I see. And you ran for number four.

Yes. Not far. I only did 2.28 miles, but I have a big one planned for Friday so I did not want to hit it too hard.

Sounds like you had a good day.

I did. And I slept really well.

I bet.

Thank the good Lord.