Monday, December 16, 2013

Pulling the Trigger

I'm gunna do it. At least I'm going to try. Tomorrow morning I shall leave 333 West Monroe Ave shuffling to the east, beginning The Great Noxapater Journey Run that I've dreamed and schemed about for over four years now. I'm not especially fit, and I've gained weight over the past few weeks, so my prospects for success really aren't that good. If I were a betting man, I would bet against me. Nevertheless, I am going to take a swing at the journey, and maybe if I manage my body right I will make it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

As early as this morning, my prospects for leaving the house for this run were slim and none and slim had left town. At issue were:

  1. My fitness or lack thereof. I've had a few injuries, the weather has been incredibly bad, my dad died throwing the whole family into stress and turmoil, Mom has been sick, and I've been unusually busy at work.

  2. My shoes were totally worn out. If I attempted the run in my worn out shoes, they are so worn in the heel area that I may well rupture my achilles.

  3. My wife didn't even know yet.

  4. My finances were a little low.

  5. My wife didn't even know yet.

  6. I hadn't had time to pack.

  7. My wife didn't know yet.

  8. There were (still are) some issues with where I will overnight.

  9. My wife didn't know yet.

  10. Sunday morning I was groaning, suffering, trying to pass a kidney stone. I still have it.

  11. I hadn't found the right time to tell my wife my plans to take the run sometimes over the holidays.

  12. Did I mention that I hadn't even told my wife?

I had to take my bride's phone to the store for possible repairs. She was adamant that I could do nothing, not eat, not sleep, nor drink, or pet the cat even until she had a working phone. Monday morning I left Mom's, where I had been most of the weekend, picked up Penny's phone, and went to C Spire. To make a short story long, I was driving to her job after only a matter of minutes with her phone in perfect operating condition. Aha, I thought. I can pull the old "good news, bad news" ploy. I did. "The good news," I told her with a huge grin on my face, "is here's your phone, and it is flawlessly operating. The bad news is, I'm leaving on a journey run in the morning. I'll be gone three or four days." She only offered a small protest. I love this woman.

I walked out of the Greenwood City Hall fist pumping, saying "Heck yeah," and getting thoroughly worked up. Hot dog, it's finally going to happen. It's really going to come to pass.

I went home and started washing running clothes, packing nutrition, and gathering dollar bills and coins from old coffee cans buried in the back yard. Then UPS drove up with my shoes. By golly, I'm not even going to be able to sleep tonight. I was jumping up and down. I peed in my pants. Really. Thank you God.

The weather forecast looks good, my two packs are loaded, and I'm as giddy as a kid on Christmas Eve. I just want to feel free, get really tired, and test myself. This is play for me, fun, an adventure. I plan to take lots of pictures, eat lots of food, and of course, post a write up here. But in the meantime, if you care to follow along, I will post real time updates and maybe some photos on Facebook.

Last week was pretty light. I

ran 17.22 miles
walked 2.54 miles
swam 7,814.7 meters, but for the first time in several weeks, I
lifted weights not once, but two times. That felt really good.

The highlight of my week was running a 5K Saturday with my daughter. It was her first, and I am immensely proud of her. I hope we do many more as a father/daughter duo.