Sunday, February 24, 2013

Randy Skin; Me Suit

If Randy had not been there, I would have packed my truck and driven away just like last time. But when long Randy Beets waded his long, bare legs into the fifty-two degree water wearing only a jammer, cap, and goggles, I had to follow. I was decked out in a wet suit. The pain my hands experience in water that cold is almost more than I can bear. OK, I am a sissy, but I just don't like it.

Randy started and I followed. We made the first turn and then my hands started numbing out. Going down the first long side, I passed Randy and put some distance between us. I made it all the way back to the truck and had maybe 100 meters on Randy so I turned back and swan to him, then fell in behind him when he passed. When I saw he was going to get out at the truck, I had only seconds to decide if I was going on for a second lap alone or if I was going to give in and get out also. 
We drive autos over that.

I got out.

What can I say. At least I am way ahead of last year. We both changed clothes and then took a walk to warm up. We didn't run because Randy is nursing a sore foot, the result of doing the full Mississippi Marathon instead of the half. Anyway, we walked a mile and then got on our mountain bikes for a little ride. We went around PD Lake, pedalled up to the PD International Airport, and then back across the Golden PD Bridge where I got stuck and Randy had to use his six foot six inch frame to extracate my bicycle. After getting off the bridge, we rode back to the pond and called it a day.

For the week, I

Ran 22.64
Walked 4.0
Lifted weights one time and
Swam 15,389.84 meters.

For the year, I am at 175.06 miles running and 91,896.5 meters swimming.

Compared to last year, I am +111.06 running and +17,037.1 meters swimming.

With February winding down and March on the near horizon, I have been doing a lot of planning for the Chicot Challenge. Today I made up a flyer that I will use to post, e-mail, snail-mail, and hand out to students and whomsoever. Already, I can feel a little excitement starting to build. But I need distance, more meters and more frequency. Still the excitement builds. Yeehaa.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back in the Water

Cold water and 25 mile per hour wind = no swim
Monday I went to the pond with the idea that it would be safe to swim since my wound should be sufficiently healed. Among the things I carried was a bottle of peroxide to boil my head out after getting it wet with catfish water. When I got there, I threw my thermometer in the water and let it soak while I took a run. I shuffled around PD Lake for a 3-mile outing that allowed me to see waterfowl, trees, open fields, and experience the cool air on my face. When I finished running, I checked the temp on the water. It was 48 degrees! DO WHAT?!?!?! I guess I'm still a cold-water-sissy because I didn't even debate with myself, I just loaded up and drove home.

Tuesday I ran 6.5 and walked .5-miles before doing some leg work. I then drove to Skene and hugged my grandchildren and let Smu slobber me with dog kisses. Finally I made it to DSU and got back in the water. I swam

5 X 200 as 1-first 50 fast; 2-second 50 fast; 3-third 50 fast; 4-fourth 50 fast; 5-whole thing fast (2:45)
100 easy
8 X 100 as 2 X 4 X 100 as 1-first 25 fast; 2-50 fast; 3-75 fast; 4-all fast
400 back kick/swim with fins
700 medium paddles
Total: 4,700 yards = 4,295.8 meters

It is so nice to be back in the water. I've been checking the ten-day forecast every day watching the weather and waiting for a warming trend. The thing that has been keeping the water temps so low is the night time temps. When it gets into the thirties, all the warmth is sucked out of the water. With the lengthening days and higher sun angle, it should not be too long before the water is permanently in the upper fifties. Then I am going to go crazy.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Summary

It was a lousy week for swimming. I had no access to a pool on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and although I did get my stitches out Friday, and even though Dean Seeley, my tri-teammate and the nurse practitioner who sewed my head up, said I could swim, I had second thoughts about getting in the water. Since I was in Ruleville, I stopped by to see my sister and brother-in-law who live near that town. Sis, who is also a nurse practitioner, didn't know of my injury. Seeing my bandage and asking to usual questions, she took a look and advised me against swimming. "But he said I could," I pleaded. "Did he say you could swim in a catfish pond?" was her retort. Well, really, I was not trying to pull a sneaky. I just forgot to mention that. "Don't swim today or tomorrow," she bossed at me. As bad as I wanted to, I realized she was probably right. I have to tape my nostrils up when I train in the pond because if I don't a sinus infection is automatic. With all the fish, fish feces, fish food, fish predators, fish predator feces, snakes, mud, turtles, algae, and ducks, that water has to have a lot of bacteria.

So I drove to Carroll County. That's where I go when I want to run with a touch of a wilderness experience. I didn't go long, I had done 6+ miles Thursday, but Friday I got in a 4-miler in the hills and that is always good for fitness. I then went home and napped.

Saturday I went out Money Road for a planned long run/walk. I ran a little over 6-miles before the cold wind started bothering my knee caps. That seems to be an issue with me now. My knees just don't like cold weather, and although I had tights on, that just wasn't enough. After a nap, I went outside and did a monster upper body weight session.

Normally I don't do anything on Sundays but nap. But my wife wanted to go to her mom's, so I got out of the truck around 7-miles from the house. Since my knee caps had gotten sore the day before, I walked all the way. It was a a nice stroll for some gentle exercise.

For the week, I
I'm eager to get back in there.
swam only 1,873.7 meters
ran 24.71 miles
walked 14.48 miles
and lifted weights once.

For the year I have
swum 76,506.66 meters
run 152.42 miles
and walked 54.98 miles.

Compared to last year, I am
+ 6,171.46 meters swimming
and + 90.92 miles running.

With my stitches out three days Monday, I think I am safe to get back even in the pond. The pool, not a second thought. My goal for the week is to bust out as many meters as possible and recapture the endurance I was beginning to build. Also, I plan on a lot of dry-land and running. Yehaa.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Ain't Nobody Got Time for That!

I didn't do anything Monday. My left knee cap was still a little sore from Saturday's race, and I was lazy. Tuesday I ran 3-miles and went to Masters. Since I have the stitches in my head, I had to wear a cap and kick with a kickboard keeping my head above water. I did 2,050 before I tapped out due to my knee cap getting sore again. I felt a little wimpish getting out and leaving, but a sore knee cap, well, ain't nobody got time for that!

Wednesday I ran 4.61 with one a .5-mile surge thrown in. I could still feel Saturday in my thighs. Ain't nobody got time for that either, but you just can't rush those things. After the surge, my pace slowed to a plod, but I enjoyed the run and did some box jumps when I got home.

I could not even go to the pool and kick Thursday because there is a big swim meet going on there that goes all the way through Saturday. Ain't nobody got time for that! But in the afternoon, I ran 6.41 with a .64 mile surge inserted at 1.3-miles. That left a lot of easy shuffling to follow. I was a little more recovered than yesterday, and when I got home I did two sets of light squats and some mountain climbers. I am new to mountain climbers, but I think they are great. They work the core, really hit the hip flexors (important for runners and swimmers) and send the heart rate soaring. I got time for that!

I also got time for getting my stitches out today. As soon as I am done with this blog post, I will load the truck and head to the clinic. My hope is the doc will let me get in the water. I plan to go to the pond and do some swimming and running. I got time for that! Yee haaa.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekly Wrapup

It took seven stitches to close me up.
Friday I drove to DSU to try to get in a good swim. Margaret was there and we sort of made up a practice as we went along. After warming up, we decided on 1,000 finishing every 200 with an all out 25. After that, we did 800 starting every 200 with a hard 50. We took a rest and since she was going to cool down and go back to work, I decided on a kick set. When I went to pull myself up on the deck to put my fins on, my head collided with the starting block that usually is not there (with an impending swim meet, a lot of moving and changing has taken place recently). It didn't take long to realize I had a problem when the water began to turn red. Margaret suggested I drive to Ruleville; she even offered to drive me herself, to the medical clinic there, which I did. I then got to meet Dean Seely, whom I am teamed with to do the New Orleans Half Iron. Ironically, Dean sewed me up and ordered me out of the water for a week. Like I say, the harder I try, the less I do.

Saturday Forrest and I did the inaugural Mississippi River Marathon and Half. We just did the half, and since I had always schooled him in old man superiority, when I lost sight of him within the first half mile, I spent the next ten trying to run him down. I finally caught him at about 10.5 miles and we ran together for about 1,000 meters. Then I died, just crashed and burned like a shot down bomber plane. For the last mile and a half, I shuffled along at about an eleven minute per mile pace, and for the fist time ever, my son beat me. First my head, then my ego. Ouch!

I snapped this crossing the Mississippi River.
I finished in 2:12:19, Forrest in 2:10:08, and Robin Bond in 2:27:15. Also, I got to meet Brian Peterson, the runner for our tri team; he ran 1:55:17. Small world. You may wonder how it is I was just meeting my triathlon teammates. The answer is simple. Due to my victory over Randy Beets at the Swim the Suck this past year, I was recruited to swim for the half iron. Thanks Randy; I knew you had to be good for something.

For the week I swam 13,954.26 meters, lifted weights once, ran 21.66 miles, and spent 22 minutes on the bike trainer.

For the year I have swum 74,632.96 meters and run 127.71 miles.

Compared to last year, I am +16,773.66 meters swimming and +73.49 miles running. The only problem is, due to my banishment from the water, I will have to give up some of my lead in the water this upcoming week. It is to be hoped that I can at least turn in a good week running although I will not run today due to sore knee caps. That boy of mine made me run a whole lot faster than I wanted.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Pretty in Pink

Monday I did a short trainer ride (22 minutes), a short run (2.15 miles), and a long upper body weight session. While doing some pull ups, I felt a little pain in my rear left shoulder. I stopped all pull ups and modified the rest of the workout. An injury would be disaster. I have put myself on the line by publicizing my charity swim to the extent that I have. In order to raise funds, however, you have to publicize. The down side of that is I would feel really rotten and embarrassed if I couldn't pull it off. Tuesday morning the shoulder felt OK, but I am still a little on edge about it.

Tuesday I went to the pond, threw my thermometer in the water, and took off on a run around the multitude of levees. I really love running out there. The levees are soft, the air is clean, and the waterfowl population during the winter is amazing. I ran 4.06 miles and then pulled the thermometer out. It read 49 degrees. Doo WHAAAT!?!?!? I hate to admit it, but I totally wimped. I packed my stuff and left. The inner fire just wasn't there. I guess I'm still a cold-water-sissy.

I drove to my daughter's and got to hang out with my grandchildren a little while then went to masters where I swam

The new pink tape goes contrasts well with the green water
400 back kick/swim with fins
4 X 50 descend
4 X 200 as 100 strong, 50 all out, 50 easy
4 X 200 as above but with fins
300 pull, no paddles
Total: 4,700 yards = 4,295.8 meters.

Wednesday I had one of those days when I just didn't want to do anything. That happens from time to time, usually once every three weeks or so. Instead of running and lifting weights, I got in bed with my cat and the weeny dog and napped all afternoon.

Thursday I ran 2.13 and then drove to the pond where I was eager to try out the new pink duct tape my wife bought me. I can't wear a nose clip, and I can't swim the pond without one- to do so is an instant sinus infection. My solution is to tape my nostrils with duct tape. It is a skill and through trial and error, I have become quite proficient at it.

The water was up to 58 degrees. Hot dog! I suited up and swam three full laps for 2.14 miles (3,443.26 meters). This is my longest open water swim of the year and puts me a bit ahead of last year's training. At masters I swam

500 back kick/swim with fins
4 X 100 @ 2:00
3 X 100 @ 1:50
2 X 100 @ 1:40
1 X 100 @ 1:30
100 easy
10 X 100 @ 1:30 with fins and paddles
100 easy
8 X 50 as 50 kick/50 swim with kick board between thighs
200 easy
Total: 4,350 yards = 3,975.9 meters.

It was my second successful double, and for the day I swam 7,419.16 meters.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekly Summary

Saturday I had the best run I've had in at least two years. I did 8.05 miles in a decent (for me) time without pushing, just sort of cruising along. It seems like I am finally coming around. After my run I did some leg work, squats, and leg presses. Then I took nutrition, napped, and got up to work out some more. In the afternoon I did a major upper body weight session.

For the week I

Ran- 20.44 miles
Walked- 1.59 miles
Lifted weights two times, and
Swam 15,420.7 meters.

Compared to last year, I am 11,639 meters ahead in swimming, and 59.25 miles ahead in running. If I can keep the outpacing last year, I should be ready come June 1 for the Challenge.

With some warmer temps in the forecast, I hope to get in a good amount of swimming next week. Maybe I can pull off another double or two. Saturday, Forrest and I are scheduled to do the Mississippi River Marathon, but not the full, only the half so maybe it will also be a good running week. And maybe I can start shedding some of this extra weight. I am three to four pounds lighter than last year, but I'm still too heavy.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Day

Wednesday after work, I ran 3.62 miles and then did a huge weightlifting session covering both upper and lower body. I really hammered the swimming muscles as well as the the antagonistic muscles and stabilizers. Among other things, I did six sets of benches, six sets of the swim pull, and six sets of one-arm-bent rows going up to 55 pounds on the rows. That's a lot for me. Last year at this time I didn't even own a dumbell that heavy. I am hoping, among other things, to ward off that pain I got around and under my right shoulder blade at about ten-miles last year. Pain at ten-miles this year would be a disaster.

But Thursday was the big day, the really big day. For the first time this year, I got out of bed and ran before work. It wasn't pretty, and I was so slow I'm glad the streets were deserted to hide my shuffle from public scorn. But I did it and got in 4.16 miles. After work, I loaded up and went to the pond and did a suit swim in 52 degree water for 1.7 miles. Then I drove to my daughter's where I took a nap. After that it was to Masters where the Mad Swimming Scientist lived up to his name. I did

400 pull with paddles
4 X 100 swim with paddles breathing 3, 5, 7, 9 by 25s
8 X 50 all out @ 1:00
300 pull with paddles 
3 X 100 swim with paddles breathing 3, 5, 7, 9 by 25s
6 X 50 all out @ 1:00
200 pull with paddles
2 X 100 swim with paddles breathing 3, 5, 7, 9 by 25s
4 X 50 all out @ 1:00
100 pull with paddles
100 swim with paddles breathing 3, 5, 7, 9 by 25s
2 X 50 all out @ 1:00
100 easy
Total: 4,200 yards.

Usually I swim several hundred, sometimes a thousand, after he says to cool down. I was so spent, I did a sloppy 100 and left. For the day I swam 6,574.1 meters spread over two swims, and an early morning run. I slept like the dead.

Friday I really didn't feel like doing much, but I drove to DSU anyway and did an assortment of nothing very difficult for a total of 3,600 yards.

I finally talked to the T-shirt lady. She e-mailed me her make up. I asked for a few changes and it looks like that ball is finally know about rolling. Not only that, but Luvie made his first announcement on Facebook today, letting people know about the Chicot Challenge. I hope it catches some attention.