Monday, October 22, 2018

10/15 - 10/21

I have already posted about most of this week, one day at a time. Monday I swam 3,300 yards but did no running or lifting. Tuesday I swam 4,000 yards and ran on the treadmill but once more did no lifting. Wednesday Trevor and I were finally able to get back to the weights after we ran 1.48 miles. I also was able so swim 1,650 yards.

Thursday was another big day with a 1.66 run, a 2,300 yard swim, and a tough lifting session at Plate City. Friday, I was out of pocket most of the day but I did get in 2.17 miles of shuffling and 1.04 miles of walking.

Saturday was the bomb, a Beetsdown day. Trevor and I shuffled 2.17 miles then lifted at Plate City doing squats, and on the bench I pressed

10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95
10 X 95

That is ten sets of ten for 100 reps. I'll see next week how my body responds to that. I took some nutrition, watched some football, and napped. Then I went to Twin Rivers for a Beetsdown swim of

25 X 50 @ :57 with small paddles
total: 3,500 yards.

For the week, I swam 13,484 meters, 
lifted weights 3 times,
walked .94 miles, and 
shuffled 8.96

That is the beginning of Beetsdown training. Randy can't hold up to that kind of grind. He wears down and starts crying to his mother that he wants a Popsicle. I just keep on working. I will smash him at the next Swim the Suck. Wait for it, and praise God while you do.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Plate City Plans

Plate City has gone through some major revisions and improvements over the summer. It is about to go through some more. Today I am supposed to receive the BAS punching system that I have wanted for years and finally ordered last week. That will be a big addition to the gym and will add to aerobic conditioning of my swimming muscles which are the ones I need to defeat Randy Beets. I am always thinking, scheming, doing new things to get in shape. That is why I have been able to beat the tall guy all these years.

Also, I have in mind to move the T-bar which right now is between the power rack and behind the Swim pull machine. The idea is to rig up a way to ride my bicycle trainer while using the Swim Pull machine. That was Trevor's idea and a good one so I am going for it. That will put me over the top in swim conditioning since will give me a chance to work on cardio and swim specific strength at the same time. I can warm up the legs while spinning, do a set of swim pulls, keep spinning, and do sets over and over until the whole body is exhausted. I can't wait for that.

In addition to those two, I am always scheming on buying more weights. I had two purchases lined up for last week but they both fell through. This Friday, I once more have two buys organized. If I can score the one up north, 428 pounds of one inch steel weights, I will be out of the buying business because we will never need anymore. That probably, however, will not stop me from scheming on the sales I see in the Facebook Buy, Sell, and Swap sites. There are some really good deals on there, and I can't help but look and dream.

Now more than anything, I just need to keep doing what I am doing, keep dropping the weight, keep working out for strength and endurance. The excess adipose tissue has been coming off very slowly, but that is the way it came on so why am I surprised? You have to keep doing the right thing over and over and eventually the payoff comes. It is all about reaping a sowing. The problem comes when we sow a little and want to reap big right away.

Wicked Wednesday

I busted out some more Beetsdown training Wednesday. It was wicked good, so good I hope Randy doesn't read this. The first thing I did was lift with Trevor at Plate City. On the bench I did

10 X 95
8 X 120
6 X 142
3 X 152
1 X 162
1 X 167
3 X 152
6 X 140
12 X 120

On the squat I did

11 X 65
5 X 85
4 X 96
3 X 101

With the cords (external rotations) I did 137 repetitions.

After our lifting session, we did some shuffling. I am still huffing hard at a 12:00 minute per mile pace. Maybe I should not be surprised, but I am dismayed. The comeback has been slow, very slow, but thanks be to God, I am shuffling some. We did 1.48 miles and with the squats, my legs were about done.

When the shuffle was over, I went inside for some nutrition and rest. I think I actually went to sleep. When I got up, it was still only 5:40 pm, and Penny was out shopping so I decided to go to the pool. At the tiny pool, I did a short, straight swim of 1,650 yards (1,508 meters).

All of that is a pretty good day for a pretty old man. It was most definitely a Beetsdown day. If Randy reads this, he will  probably cry and call his mother for some comfort. Too bad, big guy. I'm coming after you and I will crow like a wrestler when I take you down. Praise be to God.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beetsdown Training

Rain fell steadily and hard through the chill delta air Tuesday afternoon as I made my way out of Horton building and to my pick up truck, free at last, free at last. With the temps being what they were, an outdoor swim was out. With the rain soaked yard and equipment, a lift at Plate City was out. With the rain being as fierce as it was, a run on the roads was out. But school was in session at the Randy Beetsdown Training Academy. I planned to attend.

At home, I quickly changed clothes, washed out my goggles, grabbed my swim bag and headed to one of the several campuses of the Training Academy. This one, the indoor pool at Twin Rivers, is a new addition built especially for me to help insure that my dominance over Randy Beets continues. At the Academy, I swam

3 X 150 @ 3:00
200 easy
5 X 100 @ 2:00
200 easy
4 X 75 @ 1:25
200 easy
8 X 50 @ :57
300 easy
total: 4,000 short course yards.

That is a Beetsdown right there. Randy doesn't even believe I can do those intervals, and I am far from in shape. His Beetsdown is going to be dramatic and without mercy.

At home I pondered what to do. I went to another campus of the Beetsdown Training Academy and did a treadmill shuffle of 1.5 miles. That might still be small shuffling, but it is 100% more than I was doing a year ago. I am coming back and Randy is probably crying in the bathroom at work right now if he has read this. 

Stay tuned and praise the Lord with me as Beetsdown training continues.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More Training Academy

At this very moment I am planning my afternoon swim. Randy Beets is going to get the beetsdown of his life at the next Suck. Yesterday, I did 23 X 50. I am thinking, now, about cutting a second off each rep and adding a few. Thus, I will work speed and strength while simultaneously increasing endurance at the faster speeds. That is the kind of swimming I need to do to give Randy the kind of through defeat he deserves.

Yesterday, because of a church meeting, I did not get to lift weights. But I plan to hit it today and as many days as I can. I also have some other ideas for Plate City which will aid in getting me into top physical condition. I want to get where I can put my bicycle trainer up where I can pedal while I pump the Swim Pull machine. This will work the swim muscles and cardio at the same time. Randy is not smart enough to figure out anything like that.

Having Trevor as a training partner is also a big plus. With him, I do more sets, more reps, and more weight. I will be so strong by next October that if I can't out swim the tall guy, I will be able to whip him in a fist fight. One way or the other, revenge will be mine.

Plate City continues to grow, expand, and improve. I will be in such shape that after the swim I will most likely challenge him to a footrace. Then I will out eat him at the post race party. After ten miles of superior swimming, Randy will burn with shame when I double his food consumption. I am looking forward to victory, total victory, vindication, revenge.

Praise the Lord. Blessed be the God of Israel. Praise ye the Lord.

Beetsdown Training Academy

The Randy Beetsdown Training Academy has opened. Boy howdy, has it given me a shot in the arm. I don't know if he intended to or not, but Randy awakened the sleeping midget, who is me, his athletic superior, by talking smack all over Facebook. Now, I am determined to best him at the 2019 version of Swim the Suck in Chattanooga, Tennessee next October. 

I am aware that the Suck is almost a full year away, but I am just now getting back into the training swing after a long forced layoff. So I do need the time and at my age, currently 62, I don't get in shape as fast as I used to. Yesterday, with Randy Beets in mind, I hit the indoor pool for,

23 X 50 @ :58 with small paddles
4 X 75 @ 1:25 with medium paddles
total: 3,300 yards.

I almost hate to publish this because this posting alone means Randy will probably not show up at the 2019 Suck. The interval of :58 is enough to scare Randy out of his goggles. I know this guy. He is already ruing the fact that he has fired my up. Randy could never swim short course 50s on :58. First, he could never figure how to do it and keep up with the time. Second, that is too fast for him. So Randy is already looking for a way out. Too bad, tall guy, you lose one way or the other.

Praise God. Thank you, Jesus. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Randy is not too tall to fall. He has fallen before. Thank you, Almighty God.

Monday, October 15, 2018

10/8 - 10/14

I went to the little pool Monday for 3,200 yards. Since I wrote about that already, I won't say any more. Tuesday we did the Greenwood Center 5K on the Rail Spike Trail downtown. Since I wrote about that one already also, but I didn't write about Place City that same day. On the bench, I did

12 X 95
8 X 120
8 X 140
4 X 150
1 X 160
1 X 166
8 X 140
11 X 120

Wednesday I went to the outdoor pool and swam

3,000 straight
8 X 50 @ 1:25 with small paddles
total: 3,400 meters.

T-Man and I also worked out at Plate City.

Thursday I didn't make the pool but did make the gym. Trevor and I worked biceps, shoulders, traps.

Friday I had the day to myself for a change. That made me very happy. I had many plans but only carried out a few of them. One plan I carried out was to go to the little pool where I knocked off

10 X 50 @ 1:00
  2 with small paddles
  2 with medium paddles
  2 with large paddles
  2 with hands
  2 with small paddles
total: 2,000 yards.

After lunch, I picked up the sled that I ordered from Leflore Steel and have been waiting a month on. It looks like palace but feels like pure wickedness.

I played with it just a little. It will work you and work you hard. Can't wait till Trevor and I put this into the routine. I'm hoping it will positively affect both strength and conditioning and transfer into some better running in the future.

Also I had planned to purchase some more weight plates Friday. I had contacted two sellers and had a plan but the BOTH backed out on me. Oh well, there a plenty of weights out there and I will purchase plenty more in the future.

Saturday, Penny and I went to French Camp with Gerald and Debbie. We also made it to Kosciusko and Mathiston to shop. I bought some popcorn, candy, a new coffee mug, and a cap. The only reason I didn't buy any weights is I didn't find any. It was a good day though. The wives enjoyed themselves and Gerald and I walked two solid miles. 

For the week, I 

swam 8,152 meters,
ran 4.46 miles,
walked some more, and 
lifted weights four times.

I think I'll pick it up this week. Randy Beets has been talking some trash on Facebook. Even his mother got into the act and hagged me about being afraid to do Swim the Suck. They should not have awakened the sleeping midget because now I am fired up and ready to kick butt and take names. Next year at the Suck Randy goes down. The rivalry has been reborn. Praise God. Rivalries are good, noble, and helpful. Stay tuned for a solid year of Beetsdown cyberbullying followed by the actual athletic destruction. Can't wait.