Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Anna Vanwinkle Week

I hate to apologize again, but life has been that way. Besides busy, I've trained little. I hope that is about to change. I'm off the crutches, out of the boot, and even walking on the road a little. Soon I will begin to shuffle.

Anna Vanwinkle week was a big success. To celebrate, I went to the pond Monday since we were off work and I had time, motive, and opportunity. With all my gear, I thought I would stay in the water for at least an hour or more. I had my wetsuit, hood, boots, and gloves and fully decked out I crawled into the 54 degree water. For some swimmers (Shawn C. Turner and others) that's summertime swimming. For me, however, that's cold.

I couldn't take it.


I couldn't take it.

My body was comfortable but the pain on my face was more than I wanted to bear at the time. I know, I know- if I had stayed in a while, my face would have numbed out and all would have been OK. But I didn't stay in long enough. I started and stopped saying, "Dang that's cold." Then I started again and stopped again. I started and stopped a third time and then climbed out and walked dejectedly back to my truck. I felt like a failure. Last year I swam in 50 degree water with only a jammer and a cap, but that was last year and now my nemesis, Randy Beets, is not even in the great State of Mississippi anymore. I have to do this stuff all alone. Alone I am a sissy.

Poor me.

Anyway, Tuesday night I was in the pool at DSU where I met a new guy, Felix Shipp from Grenada. It's nice to see new folks and our Masters group needs some. I'll spare the details, but I swam 5,600 yards, my longest of the year thus far.

Wednesday it was weights and Thursday it was back to DSU where I did 3,400. Felix was back and he brought a friend, the very lovely Stacey Hardy also from Grenada. I noticed from  Facebook that she and Felix are big runners. Friday I lifted more weights and Saturday I not only lifted weights but I walked .35 on the road. The comeback has begun. I even went out for a walk Sunday and went .51 miles.

For the week of 1/20-1/26, I
swam 8,326 meters
walked 1.1 miles
spent 10:00 minutes on the bike trainer, and
lifted weights four times.

My mother-in-law died Saturday, Feb 1. I will write about her in a separate post. She was a good and noble woman.