Friday, February 14, 2014

Catching Up

I am way behind on posting my workouts. One of the reasons is I left my computer at work the day before we got our snow days, so I missed a good opportunity to catch up. My last workout recorded on this blog ends with the week of 1/20-1/26. So in this post, I hope to come up to date.

For the week of 1/27-2-2, I swam 8,545.9 meters, lifted weights four times, and walked 3.32 miles. Note that I am starting to rehab the leg.

Due to weather, and a death in the family, I did no swimming for the week of 2/3-2/9. I did, however, lift weights three times, walk 6.2 miles, and run .75 miles. Note, I ran for the first time since December 17th when I messed myself up pretty bad. That was not one run but two. This shuffling was very slow, very shrot, and on a treadmill, which I feel helps me with the shock absorption. I'll stay it for several more weeks, I think. I am doing a lot of lower body work to rehab the injured leg and to make both lower limbs stronger than they were before.

This week, I lifted weights Monday, and walked 1.48 and ran .5 on the hamster runner. Tuesday, Masters didn't meet because DSU was closed so I worked the leg some more and did 1.98 of walking and 1.0 of shuffling. Wednesday was more treadmill work with 1.85 of walking and 1.3 of shuffling. Thursday I did a major leg session that included nine sets of squats and a whole bunch of extensions. Not only that, but I walked 1.4 miles and ran 1.5. My confidence is slowly coming back, and I am trying very hard to be patient. The new people I met at the pool are big runners and are posting constantly on Facebook about their races. I'm missing a lot, and the temptation to put it into high gear is almost overbearing. But restraint is a virtue right now, and if I am to enjoy running in the future, I must rehab the leg properly and increase my total lower body strength.

Thursday at DSU, my first time in the water in a week and a half, I swam

1,800 warm up (most of the guys do 500)
2 X 4 X 100 @ 3:00 as 25 fast and add 25 each rep 1-4
400 medium paddles breathing 3, 5, 5, 3 per 25
300 medium paddles breathing 3, 5
200 medium paddles breathing 3, 5
100 easy (end of Masters)
8 X 200 small paddles r :30
100 easy
Total: 5,300 yards = 4,844.2 meters.

I am way behind on training for the Chicot Challenge. I'm overweight and, due to not being able to run, not even in basic condition. To make matters worse, there is no Masters next week due to a college swim meet. !!! I am starting to get real antsy. The weather is supposed to warm so maybe I can make it to the pond and do some steady stroking there.

I have set the date for the 2014 Chicot Challenge for June 14th and the distance at 17 miles. The charity is again the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi.