Monday, May 26, 2014

Crucial Week

Three weeks out before a big endurance event is always a crucial time. Normally it is the peak week in terms of volume and intensity with the taper beginning immediately afterwards. I am pushing the taper back a week since my training has been so compromised, but I am delighted to say that three weeks out was a real monster training block for me, the kind my confidence and body needed.

Last post I outlined the first three training days of the week. Monday started with a 7,200 meter pool session followed by a 3,650 meter effort on Tuesday, and a 7,400 meter practice Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were easier workouts as I tried to freshen a little before Saturday's pond swim. Thursday I only swan 3,100 meters. I also tried to run some but quit after .61 miles because of a hamstring issue I developed in the 5K I did with my kids the Saturday before. Friday, John and I met up at Twin Rivers and I did a mere 2,200.

Normally I like to do my pond swims on Friday. My sister and I are my mother's primary cargivers, and she prepares the schedule each week, the one that details who spends the night what night and who takes Ollie home, etc. We recently had breakfast to discuss things, and she told me once more that she can make the schedule any way needed. "Let me know what you need [in terms of being off] and I will make it happen." For the first time ever and I made a simple request: "I need Fridays off."

I had duties Friday.

She wants me to do something this Friday also. For the first time EVER I said "No."

I thinks she's pissed.

I hate to sound like I'm complaining but I am, and I hate to say anything about my sister because she is a real hero. Our mother wouldn't be here without my sister's intelligence, care, and advocacy. But I sware, I think she is just not happy if she's not telling me what to do and wrecking any plans I make. I just want Fridays off. That's all.

So I left my wife alone Saturday morning and drove to the pond, my beloved D6, for what I hoped would be a monster swim. The water was a nice 79.5 degrees when I waded in a little before 8:00 am. The water was a nice 82 when I waded out four hours and seventeen minutes later. I got my big swim in. Yeeha.

Not a good time, but I had a good time.
I need this week to be another pretty big one. My plans are to do one long pool swim, instead of two like last week, and one pond swim even longer than Saturday's. Truth be told, I'm trying to have it both ways. By cutting the total volume but upping the two key workouts, I am trying to add endurance and start a bit of a taper at the same time. Maybe it is impossible to acually accomplish both goals at once. Not to fear. I still have fifteen days after Friday, so I should have enough time to be fresh for the Chicot Challenge.

Speaking of the Challenge, I am already getting butterflies. Last Wednesday, I was in Moorhead when I received a text from Robin Bond. To make a short story long, I wound up meeting her at Fratesi's in Leland to give her a copy of the Commonwealth article on the Challenge that Bob Darden wrote. She was bubbling over with energy, excitement, and smiles, and she had some ideas about getting banners made up for the boat. I had been thinking about signs also and had already contacted Claire Greene about painting some. I don't know yet what route we are going to take but we will do something.

Last week, I swam 35,826.67 meters with two 7,000+ pools swims and one 7.63 mile pond swim. That is the kind of training I need. One more big week, and then the taper.

I feel them now. The butterflies.