Thursday, September 25, 2014

More Beetsdown Training

I am late posting the Beetsdown training for last week (9/15-9/21). It was a mixed bag as far as training goes. I ran little and swam a lot but in a strange way. There was not intensity in any of my pool session. I am not sure why it turned out that way. Maybe fatigue had me where I couldn't stomach the idea of busting it up and down the pool so I just swam. I always enjoy a long leisurely swim no matter how tired I am or am not.

John was out of pocket Monday and at Twin Rivers I just got in and started doing laps and did 9,000 meters straight before I tapped out to go to work. After night class, I ran 4.06 miles in the dark. I am still enjoying running in the dark. The streets are deserted, the tree frogs still sing, and occasionally I see a bat swoop down presumably chasing a bug.

Tuesday John was back and he wanted to go four hours. That sounded good to me so once again I just swam laps, no sets.. I went for 11,000 in 3:53 before I tapped out. John, who got in before me, also got out after me and finished with 4:40. I was so fatigued that I didn't even run that night.

Wednesday my right pec was sore. WHAT!?!?!? Remember all  that from last spring? I stopped after only 1,400. I didn't swim or run Thursday but by Friday I was feeling good and I swan 8,200 straight. Pec OK.

Saturday was the Oaks, which I wrote about in my last post. Besides the 10K, I walked back to meet my daughter and ran the final half mile with her. Then I did the kids Fun Run so I wound up with 7.55 miles for the day, but no running between Monday and Saturday. How smart is that?

For the week, I

ran 11.65 miles,
rode my bike to work four times (one half mile each way),
walked 2.88 miles, and
swam 29,600 meters.

All things considered, I am still on track to do some a major Beetsdown on Sir Randy come October 11. One possible issue: I have a new pilot. Forrest can't make the trip, and Justin Nunnery has graciously agreed to help me. I am sure Justin will do a fine job, and I am happy he has hopped on the bandwagon to help take down Randy Beets. Forrest, however, had accumulated some experience, and he really helped me defeat the tall guy last year. In the last race, I was getting worried when Forrest said, "Relax, Dad, you're gaining on him." Later he reported: "I will tell you when he feeds. Then sprint." Not only that, but he has seen me swim so much that he can recognize me in the mass of thrashing water that is the start of the Suck. He finds me fast while some swimmers go miles without their pilot. Justin did watch me swim 17-miles last June, so I hope that translates into early recognition.