Sunday, September 7, 2014

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch of Swim the Suck training, and I'm starting to get nervous determined. Randy posted that chart again that shows the trajectory of our past swim times extrapolated onto this year's race. The chart has me finishing way behind the tall guy and that rattles angers me. So back to the pool.

Last week was a light one, swim wise, but it's OK even desirable to have a drop down cycle periodically. The week started, Monday, with Twin Rivers being closed for Labor Day. I did some yard work, lifted weights for the first time in two weeks, and ran 4.21 easy miles. Tuesday was only a little better for swimming. I ran 4.06 miles but John and I were run out of the pool by lightning after I only had 1,900 meters.

Wednesday I was finally able to put it into high gear. John and I got into the  pool at 1:45. I warmed up with 2,300 straight and then did my Beetsdown set which in this form was 28 X 100 @ 1:57, the first eight @ 1:56. A 200 meter cool down finished me off and left me with 5,300 for the day.

Thursday was another big day at the pool. I swam

2,100 countdown set
20 X 50 @ 1:30
total: 6,500.

Friday I ran 8.51 miles and then met John at Twin Rivers. I was done from the run and the previous two days of swimming. I did a sloppy 2,200 before we packed it in.

Saturday was anothe nonswimming day. I went to Jackson with John to help him pick up a car. When I got back, I watched SEC football, then went outside and worked in the yard and lifted weights. I also took a short 2.31 mile shuffle.

For the week, I

rode my bike to work four times,
ran 23.19 miles,
swam 15,900 meters,
walked 5.85 miles, and
lifted weights two times.

Overall it was not a bad week, but I need to pound big yardage for the next few training cycles. I am doing more quality work than a year ago, but I need some long swims. They will come. The life guards are off for the year at Twin Rivers, so John and I no longer have to get out at 4:00 pm. Now we can swim as long as we want on Tuesday and Thursday.