Wednesday, January 11, 2017

1/2 - 1/8

The new year has begun and with it my training for the Chicot Challenge has officially opened. Already I am behind. Changes. Changes. Changes.

I am not longer able to get into the DSU pool early so I am losing yardage from the start. Somehow, I will make it up. There are always complications, I've learned that much, and too much is at stake to give up easily. Last week's training left a lot to be desired. Monday, I ran .26. That's right, .26. Tuesday I went to DSU. At the kids house, I went out for a whopping .36 run. At the pool, I did 2,600. I did not write the practice down as soon as I got home and I could not remember the details when I decided to put it to paper.

Wednesday was big weights day and on the bench I did

15 X 100
7 X 120
6 X 140
1 X 150
1 X 160
1 X 170
2 X 160
4 X 150
4 X 150
4 X 150

This currently is my one bright spot. I am stronger in my upper body than ever. I know that helps in the sprints we often do in the pool under the Mad Swimming Scientist, but I don't know how it impacts all-day swimming.

Thursday it was back to DSU for 

7 X 200 with breating patterns (why does he hate us?)
50 kwf + 100 + 50 kwf X 4
100 easy
total: 3,200 meters.

For the week, I 

ran .62
swam 5,800 meters
lifted weights one time.

Now, I have to get serious.