Sunday, March 30, 2014

Not a Bad Water Week

I managed to sneak in another pretty decent week in the water. Wednesday I ran 3.3 miles and Thursday it was back to DSU where I started swimming at 6:06 and got in an even 2,000 before Masters. As a group, we swam

6 X 50
4 X 50
100 easy (end of Masters).

Alone, I put on my small paddles and just started. I quit after 2,800 straight for a total of 6,600 meters.

Friday I did a little 1.76 mile shuffle and then went to the pond. Since we had a big rain Thursday night, I couldn't get to my beloved D 6. It is a recently repaired pond and in the repairing they dug it deeper and deposited the excess dirt on the pond levees which now have no gravel. They are lovely to run on, but unless you have a four-wheel drive and like mud, it is a no-go after a rain. So instead of D 6, I went to the B ponds, to B 12 a pond that has a good gravel levee and is lightly stocked. I like lightly stocked. I had a goal to swim nonstop for a little over two hour. I made eight laps, it took 2:18, and I racked up 4.56 miles. It felt really good. The water was 66 when I got in and I loved it.

Saturday was the Viking Half Marathon and 5K. Regretfully, I'm not fit enough for a half right now, but unregretfully I ran with my son and daughter. They both beat me which must mean I really am old.

My daughter and I running the Viking 5K
Naw, I can't accept it.

It was a nice workout, considering my current level of fitness and how fat I am. For my daughter, it was a PR and the first time we have all done a race together. Maybe for the Oaks, we can get Mary Hodge involved.

Caitlin, our granddaughter, spent the night with us Friday while Andrea, our daughter, spent the night with our son Forrest. She, Caitlin, loves to come to Nana and Poppy's. When she was younger, she called our place "we's" house. After the race, Caitlin and I went riding, ate lunch at Sonic, and played at the park. It is always a joy to have her and Zane, but he stayed home with his dad.

After Caitlin left and I took a nap, I went to Plate City Gym and did an upper body workout. Then I began to feel terrible. I spent Sunday in bed, hoping its just a passing sinus/allergies flareup. I can't afford an illness. If I were to miss a week or two of training, the Challenge would be in serious jeopardy.

For the week, I

swam 19,346.04 meters
ran 12.15
lifted weights once, and
walked 5.49 miles.