Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Break Week Has Begun

Spring Break week just started, and all I can think about is training to beat Beets' butt. He's been taunting me on Facebook and swimming way more yards in the pool than me. Since he moved to North Carolina, he's picked up some attitude to go along with his altitude. I hate to admit it, but he has me a bit rattled right now, and to make things worse, last week was another disapointing one with only

9,916.0 meters of swimming,
8.45 and 6.91 miles running and walking,
and no weight lifting for the second week in a row.

This is unaccceptable.

I am still fat.

My finger nails are bitten down.

Oh, my.

At this very moment, I am hanging out with my cat, drinking coffee, and trying to come up with a plan for the day. I think I will drive out to the pond and try to get in some distance there. It is supposed to be pretty warm this afternoon with lots of sunshine, which should warm the water nicely. Unfortunately, of late, the temps have fallen far below the weatherman's word with last Thursday's high being 16 degrees below the predicition. I don't know what the water is running at the pond, but my guess is mid-50s at best. If we get the temp and the sun Christopher Mathis promised us, the water could hit 60 today.

I plan to post often this week. Stay tuned.