Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Winding Down

I finished last week with a couple of short swims Thursday and Friday. I rested Saturday and Sunday, and I mean I rested. Saturday, try as I may, I couldn't quite make myself go out and mow the lawn. Instead, I lounged around in bed the whole day. Sunday, after church, was more of the same. The heavy lifting is done, the fitness is settled, now it only remains to rest and get my mind right. Like Cool Hand Luke, "I gotta get my mind right."

Despite the most serious monsoon season in recent memory, God has continually provided windows of opportunity for me 'n John to swim. Typically it has been storming in the afternoon and quitting just before our scheduled pool time. Yehaa. Monday, John was sick, so I got to swim alone in a pretty good downpour. A strong line of thunderstorms moved through starting around 5:00 pm with lots of rain, wind, and lightning. At 6:00 it was still thundering, but that stopped a few minutes later while the rain continued. I waded in about a quarter till seven and felt the rain coming down, hitting my back while the pool caressed the rest of my tired body. I found it both physically and mentally refreshing. I only swam

1,000 kick with fins
100 easy with fins.

Then I went home to grade papers, another one of my chief pleasures in life. NOT.

WXVT (Greenville, Mississippi) called and they want me to come by the station Friday afternoon a little before 5:00. I don't know if they are going to do a live interview or tape it or how often it will air. My hope is that it will result not only in more donations for the DFM, but maybe someone will be inspired and become more physically active.

Tonight I plan to finish packing up my gear for the weekend. I am getting pretty excited and the weather forecast is looking better and better as the day approaches. Last night, WXVT was predicting a 20% chance of rain Saturday. That sounds good.