Saturday, June 28, 2014

Biloxi Week

A few posts back, I recorded Monday through Wednesday of the post Chicot week. Thursday I swam alone at Twin Rivers because John was still sick. Friday I worked in the yard and lifted weights for the first time in months. Saturday I did another short run and short swim with some more weightlifting. For the week (6/23-6/29), I swam 9,250 meters, ran 9.02 and walked 4.56 miles. That's not a lot of work, but I was recovering from the Challenge, and I needed some rest.
My run route along the beach

Sunday morning (6/22) Penny and I left for Biloxi for the MML (Mississippi Municipal League)Convention where we stayed at the Beau Rivage. My main goals for the trip were to exercise as much as possible and to control my eating. It seems that the whole thing was about food. All the way down my sweet wife was telling me where we had to eat on this night and that night and that lunch and . . . . And I was just getting my appetite back under control and had lost a few pounds.

Monday (6/23), while Penny was in a class at the Convention Center, I parked on the beach, somewhere beside Highway 90 and did a little run/walk. It was hot and I shuffled like an old man. I think  I ran 3.52 and walked 1.04 While I immitated a runner, I kept eying the water, wondering if anyone swims out there. I sent Randy Beets a text and asked him (he used to live on the coast) if he ever swam the sound. His reaction was basically, "%$@)! no. Don't do it!" He did put me on to the Biloxi Natatorium, so Tuesday morning while my wife was once more in class, I swam in what started out as a long course pool. After 1,500 meters, all swimming was stopped to convert the pool to short course. So in one swim, I did long and short course, a fist for me. I ended up with 3,967 meters.

Wednesday morning, the MML had their won 5K run/walk on the bridge that goes to Ocean Springs. I flet really bad after we started because I realized if I had been in running shape, I might could have won the whole thing. Nevertheless, I got a good workout on a long course (3.23 miles).

I had intended to go back to the Natatorium Thursday morning, but due to some unexpected issues at home, we left early driving north. After taking care of the business, I took a 2.11 mile run and then met John at Twin Rivers for the first time in over two weeks.He has been ill, and it was good to see him well and back at the pool. I swam

4 X 200 medium paddles @ 4:25
100 easy
6 X 50 @ 1:00
200 small paddles
Total: 3,200 meters

Friday, my wife was off work and we both did a slow start day. When I finally started moving, I went out for a 4.35 mile shuffle, and then met John at Twin Rivers where I swam

5 X 200 medium paddles @ 4:25 with 2nd 50 hard
6 X 50 @ 1:15
300 small paddles
Total: 3,400 meters.