Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bonky Tonk

I went to the hills Friday morning and did something I have wanted to do for a while now. I marked a long, moderately inclined hill and then went back and ran it. I know, with my Garmin I can run anything with no need for marks. However, when running hard, it is a bit distracting to have to continuously peer at a watch to get the exact distance wanted. So I marked this hill every 100 meters nine times. Then I went back to the cabin, put on my running shoes, and ran to my freshly marked incline.

It was hot. Brutally hot.

It is almost three miles over and then I did the 900. I jogged down and went back up for 800. I died about half way up, a combination of bonking and heat. I then did the 700. Dreadful. My plan, before I started, was to make the fourth rep a 600. Nothing doing. I bonked on a 200. Seriously. It was so bad that my shuffle back to the cabin was at 17:00 minutes per mile. I literally could have walked faster. Oh well, I have something to improve upon.

The cats and I had a nice nap after I got home, and then John and I met at Twin Rivers at 6:00. I didn't bonk like I did on my run. I started bonked. I wasn't surprised or disappointed because I had 19,300 meters in the first four days of swimming. It was pretty bad. I was reduced to 50s with lots of rest. I finished the day with 2,700 meters then went home for a protein shake and some kitty love.

Saturday morning I weighed 160.6 down .2 from the day before. Finally, I have my appetite under control. I hope I can be solidly under 160 for the 300 Oaks 10K. This is important for my health as well as my performance.

Feeling lazy, I stayed around the house until noon before driving to the pond. I didn't set up the circuit like before because it was hot. Brutally hot. Not like I'm complaining or anything. Actually I am a bit happy it has been so hot this week. I have been worried about water temperature at Swim the Suck. The water temp has come up this week, here, but it is still below normal.

At the pond, I found swimming difficult. My arms and chest muscles didn't have much in them.  After doing a few laps, I tried a run. One thing to realize. although the temperature may have been 98 in town and the humidity high in town, the humidity on the largest fish farm in the world is always higher. I found the little shuffle exhausting. Soon I was walking. When I got back to my truck, I took my shoes off and crawled into the pond to cool down. When I tired to swim, everything was off. I could feel my thighs protesting. My arms barely turned over. The bonkitude was complete. I made one last lap and knew I was done for the day.

For the day, I swam exactly 5,000 meters, ran 2.83 miles, and walked .61 miles. Not a bad even if everything was slow and laboured. For the week, I ran 21.24 miles. swam 26, 900 meters, and walked 6.86 miles. Despite my bonky tonks, that is real Beetsdown training.