Friday, August 22, 2014

Beetsdown Sets

Monday was a long day at work since it was the first day of classes and we were still registering students. I had to go to the pool after my night class to get a swim in. It would have been easy to let it go, but I have a tall guy to beat in Tennessee this October and the date is rushing towards us with the speed of a calendar. I also got a vVo2 max run in during the afternoon, but by the time I was free for the pool, the kids were out of school and lap swimming and kids in the pool mix about as well as motor oil and scrambled eggs. There is plenty of room for me and a dozen or more kids in that big pool, but it doesn't work. I will not get in if there are six kids or the threat of six kids in the water. Enough said.

When I did get to the pool, it was dark and the mosquitoes were out in force, so I didn't even try to do sets but just swam. I did 4,700 straight. That kind of swimming has its place, but I was worried I might not be able to pull off my Beetsdown set Tuesday because last week when I tried to do it the second time, I failed after only three reps. I have to be fresh to pull that one off. Last training cycle, I successfully navigated the set on Monday when I managed 24 X 100 @ 1:57 with the first five reps @ 1:56. After that, I edited the workout in my watch so that next time the first six reps will be @ 1:56.

Tuesday, John and I got in the pool about 7:00 pm. After a 2,000 meter warmup, I launched into full Beetsdown mode. I did it and stayed at it until I had completed 26 100s. Dude, there is no doubt I am in way better shape than just a few of weeks ago. Bad news for Randy Beets. I started tiring after twenty, but I finished them. Compared to last week, I did 200 more on my warmup, took another second off one of the 100s, and added two 100s to the end of the set. For the day, I matched Monday's 4,700 but this practice included some real quality.

Wednesday, John and I met up at 1:30 in the afternoon because I have a night class and I didn't want to come in at 9:00 pm all alone and face the flying, blood-suckers. I warmed up with 2,100 meters and then did some 50s. After that I did another Beetsdown set that I call my Countdown set. This is an ever expanding swim that involves sprinting followed by recovery followed by more sprinting followed by more recovery swimming followed by more sprinting followed by more recovery followed by. The recovery is active which means I don't stop swimming I just slow down and rest for the next sprint. I did 1,200 on my Countdown/Beetsdown set. Then I swam 10 X 150 with small paddles. I was doing some more 50s when the pool was invaded by children. Swim over. But I got in 6,000 meters.

Thursday, John and I got in at around 6:00 and would have gone long, but a cloud blew up and it contained a little lightning, We left after I had 3,900 meters. I swam a 1,300 meter countdown set with small paddles before we abandoned the water. I also did some running that afternoon, so it was a good day with lots of calories burned. My weight has really been dropping this week, and oddly I have not been hungry at night. I hit my low for the year, 162.0, Thursday morning. I have a real chance now to get the weight really down this week because Penny has an engagement Friday night so we will not be going out to eat as we almost always do. I enjoy my date night with my wife, but I always gain at least three pounds from eating out that one meal. Really, three pounds. Without the eat out Friday, I should get under 160 this weekend. Sub 160 is where running begins for me. A lot of people think I am already too thin, but besides athletic performance, I have my health in mind. I am literally swimming and running from diabetes.

Randy Beets has been off Facebook for about a week now. He does this every year around his birthday. When he gets back on, we need to give him fits. Please post in Vicarious Butt Beets and show him how much he has been missed.