Friday, July 18, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

It's Friday morning, it's raining, and my coffee is hot. What do I usually do on Friday mornings when it rains? You guessed it: blog.

The week started slow Monday with John and me both being ill. Somewhere around 10:00 pm, however, I suddenly felt normal. Tuesday, not wanting to overdo things and relapse, I only swam at Twin Rivers.

4 X 500 1-3 with small paddles.
Total: 3,200.

By Wednesday I felt confident enough to run for 7.62 miles and lift some weights. The downside to that was I had little energy for the pool and only did

10 X 50 @ 1:15
10 X 150 @ 3:15 (8 with medium paddles and 2 with small paddles)
Total: 3,500 meters.

Thursday I worked in the yard and lifted more weights. Then

4 X 600 r 1:00 (400 with floating 25, 100 easy, 100 as 50 hard/50 easy)
The 600s felt challenging but good. I think that will be a good Swim the Suck set. My times were
1 - 11:25
2 - 11:19
3 - 11:24
4 - 11:42
I finished with 300 small paddles.
Total: 4,000 meters.

Now I'm in a conundrum about what to do today. The rain is pouring and I feel like a nap. Even the wild little tabby kitty is curled up asleep at my side. After my nap, I could go to DSU and swim there, but if it clears up this afternoon, John will want to swim. Maybe I should go to DSU and if it does clear up, double-dip. Also, I really need to run having done so only once this week. Decisions, decisions. I guess that's why God created coffee.