Sunday, July 6, 2014

Up to Date

The last training update I did was several posts ago and went through Friday, June 27. Saturday, June 28, I worked in the yard and did a mini brick with a ten minute bike trainer ride and a 2.02 mile  run. I also did some upper body weight work in the back yard gym. For the week of 6/23 - 6/29, I

ran 15.14 miles,
swam 10,567 meters,
walked 4.4 miles, and
lifted weights one time.

The week of 6/30-7/5 was a good one training wise and otherwise. I have already written about trapping the kitty Monday. What I didn't tell you was that morning I went to the place to pick up one of Dad's live traps and while there I did a slow but steady 7.02 mile run. Then I was in the midst of swimming at Twin Rivers when I had to go home and try to calm Jeff down so he didn't go into cardiac arrest. Before leaving the pool, I swam,

6 X 50 @ 1:15
3 X 300 small paddles @ 6:30, 2nd 50 fast and first 25 of last 100 fast
Total: 2,700 meters.

Tuesday, I lifted weights, ran an easy 1.64 miles, and met John at Twin Rivers for a swim. I did

My friend, John Misterfeldt
10 X 50 @ 1:15
4 X 300 small paddles @ 6:30, 2nd 50 fast and first 25 of last 100 fast
2 X 150 medium paddles @ 3:15
Total: 4,200 meters.

Wednesday, I lifted weights and did a bike trainer/tredmill brick as 12:00 on the trainer and an easy 1.05 on the dreadmill. At the pool, I swam

6 X 50 @  1:15
8 X 100 @ 2:00
4 X 400 @ 8:15 small paddles with a floating 25 every 100
500 finger paddles
Total: 5,000.

I did it all over again Thursday with more weightlilfting, a 15:00 trainer ride, a 4.6 mile multi-paced run, and a refreshing 3,400 meters in the pool that went

11 X 100 @ 1:59
500 small paddles @ 10:30 as odd easy and even hard.

Since Friday was the 4th of July, things were different. We went to Carroll County, and my daughter and I got out at Browning Road and ran the 3.74 miles in. By the grace of God, I had a pretty good food day. I really have to get this weight off that I put on last January after the stress fracture. It is a matter of looks, athletic performance, and more importantly, health. I don't want to become a diabetic and with my genetics, I have to do things right.

Saturday, I lifted more weights after first hydrating with a quart of coffee. I did something I had never done before. To my surprise, shock really, I found that a single set of kettle bell swings left my legs trembling. Just one set. I think I have a new favorite exercise. I followed the weights with a 16:00 minute trainer ride and then an easy 3.64 mile shuffle. At Twin Rivers, I swam

12 X 100 @ 1:58
800 small paddles with the last 50 of evens hard
100 easy
Total: 3,100 meters.

Usually I just rest on Sunday, but Penny and I visited a new church (we think we may have found our home) and after a good nap, I called my old buddy Brian Waldrop. We rode to Money and back, my first road effort of the year. I flet it even though we didn't ride over fifteen miles per hour.

For the week, I

ran 20.02 miles
lifted weights four times
walked 3.89 miles
swam 18,400 meters, and
rode 43:00 on the trainer and 20.38 miles on the road.

It was a good week of training, a good week for the new cat, and a good week in our church visitation. I look forward to the next  seven days.