Monday, November 24, 2014

Just a Note

Another week of training play is in the books, and I had a good time. I did have to get up this morning and pick up my mom's help and then go to the grocery store for her, but I am home now, in bed, and Jeff is napping with me. Where are those cats? I want my cats.

Last week I swam twice for 7,357 meters, ran for 31.34 miles, rode my bike to work once, lifted weights twice, and walked 7.97 miles. On tap for this week is big mileage on the feet. Now that I have hit the marathon mark, I am planning another one this week. That may sound reckless but it is not. Last Friday I did not run hard, and thus I should be mostly recovered by then, and my hope is to do the distance a little faster than Friday. I am thinking of a trip to the Tanglefoot Trail, Wednesday, for another 26.2. It is a really nice place to get out of the traffic and run and walk and walk and run until I get enough.

My weight is still out of control because I continue to fall prey to late night mayonnaise and cracker binges. Why do I have so little will power? And this is Thanksgiving week the law of the land being to eat as much as possible this Thursday. Noon and night. And we did that Sunday at church. Nevertheless, I am coming out of this week lighter than last week. Watch and see.

DSU is closed until after the break, so I am thinking of getting into the Twin Rivers pool at least once. It still has water and the water looks pretty clean. Not one to waste good water, I should reward them for a job well done.