Friday, November 21, 2014

Not Posting Today

I usually post on Friday morning but not this time. First, I am in a bit of a hurry with some special plans to go out a play all day. I have a new friend, Buddy Bones, and he vows he can run as far as I can, as fast as I can, and do anything else I can. I want to see for myself if he is telling the truth. Second, the cats, instead of being on the bed with me (which always slows me down) are tearing the house up. I feel so left out.

So I thought I would tell you why I'm not posting. Tomorrow I will most likely do a write up of me 'n Buddy's exploits. Heck, I don't even know where we are going. I have a couple of ideas. One thing is for sure: it will be long.

While I am not talking to you, I might as well not tell you what we did at Masters last night. First off, I went by the Lehrton Cemetery. This was not my first or second or tenth stop, but it was my first stop since Dad's headstone has been installed. I never dreamed I would be stopping by Dad's grave on the way to DSU, never thinking he would be buried in Lehrton, but that is the way things have turned out. Now I have more incentive than ever to go that way, with the grave, grandchildren, the granddogs, and the pool. I got in 1,050 warm up before Cagri stopped us for the main set. It went something like this: sixteen 50s then two 50s; twelve 50s then two 50s; eight 50s then two 50s; four 50s then two 50s. Are you confused? Good. I sure was.

Me 'n my new friend, Buddy Bones.
We were to do the large number of 50s @ 1:00 and then two 50s @ :50. What could possibly go wrong counting that set? I was sure I could never get it right so I asked Mark if he could keep up with the numbers. He was confident he could. Turned out he couldn't, not the @ :50s. That confused him terribly and we reverted to @ 1:00 after the two 50s. That's a whole lot of 50s and if you can keep all of that straight, don't tell me about because you are not my friend anymore. Mark and I didn't have much time to argue about it at the wall and when we tried we missed a couple of intervals because the turn around was so quick. Finally, I convinced him to actually swim the two 50s @ :50 after the group of eight 50s. We did, but he got confused on when to start the second of the two 50s. Then he miscounted and started the set of four 50s one early. He did believe me when I told him so we swam all our 50s. I think. To make a short story long, we swam forty-eight 50s, more or less, on various sendoffs. A few of them we even got right. I think. That was the end of practice, but I swam another 650 with small paddles for a total of 4,100 yards.