Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Week Off

My off week came and went in a flash. Darn I wish I could do that again. The good news is I do get to do it again after a couple of more seven day stretches. Overall, I was incredibly energetic and lazy, lazy to the point of embarrassing myself and disgusting my momma's oldest son. I am an oxymoron. My wife thinks I'm just a moron. My cats and grandchildren love me anyway.

I wrote already about the good start to the week, how I got out to a wopping 4.31 miles of running on Monday and also did some walking and weight lifting. I ran again Tuesday, but unfortunately, I did no swimming all week. I think that was the only week of the year I did not swim at least once. DSU was closed for the whole Thanksgiving Break, and for some reason our coach, who has keys, said we couldn't swim. The outdoor pool at Twin Rivers is still up, and I thought about going there. Also, I continue to have access to thousands of acres of catfish ponds. However, for me I have to want to get into cold water and for the week, I just did not want to climb out of my comfort zone.

I ran instead.

And napped.

And trolled around on Facebook.

And ate lots of food.

I'm a terrible person.

I did do another marathon, which I wrote about already. That was on Wednesday. Buddy Bones and I covered a total of twenty-seven miles, and then for Thanksgiving I tried to eat it all away. Friday was another day of wasted time. I know some lounging around is good, but I never got out of my undershoes all day long.

Saturday I did go out for a 6.88 mile run, and I mixed it up with some stuff I have been reading about in a book by a man who has a PhD and says he has all the answers. He has some ideas and tons of research, but not all the answers I am certain. If the history of running has proved anything, and it has, it is that science is better used descriptively rather than prescriptively. 

For the week, I ran 37.48 and walked 7.82 miles. Also, I lifted weights once and failed to swim altogether.

This week I plan to tear it up on the road and at least get back in the water. It is still my off season for swimming, but the Chicot Challenge is still out there and the plan this year is for a nineteen mile swim. I think about that every time I lift weights and always do a few extra reps with my swim in mind.