Monday, November 7, 2016

10-/31 - 11/6

For the first week of November, I had a really good training cycle, a 20/20 one. I think this is my first one ever this time of year.

Monday I swam 4,400 meters at Twin Rivers and then shuffled 1.73 miles. Tuesday, the water at the pool was still a comfortable 75 degrees and I swam 5,700 as

1,200 23:58
1,100 22:04
1,000 20:15
900 18:06
800 15:57
700 14:17

After dark I slipped out for a 5.68 mile multi-paced effort. I slept well, had good dreams, and awoke with praise to God for a good life.

By Wednesday the water had dropped 74.5 and I only did 2,600 easy meters and 2.55 miles of easy shuffling. But I added some weightlifting in the back yard gym.

Thursday the water had rebounded to a full 75, and I swam a straight 6,400 meters. Besides my 2.06 mile run, I did some more upper body lifting focusing solely on my deficient biceps.

Friday I swam an easy 3,400 meters, did some more upper body lifting, and ran a very easy 1.68 miles to let my legs rest for Saturday's trip to Vardaman where I won my age group in 27:50. I did some more shuffling after the race and wound up with 4.23 miles on the day.

Sunday I usually do no exercise, but we (Team Centerville) traveled to Oxford for the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi's annual walk. I will write a separate post on the walk so suffice here to say that I ran a total of 2.33 and walked 2.52 while there. It was a good day.

For the week, I

ran 20.26
swam 25,100 meters,
lifted weights three times, and 
walked 7.84 miles. 

I don't think I ever swam 25,000 this late in the year. To have a 20/20 week was huge and has me thinking about Chicot VI already.