Monday, November 14, 2016

11/7 - 11/13

A decent week it was for running. The swimming, however, began to fall off with the plunging water temps. Monday I made it to the pool for an easy 2,100 meters splash. The water was a nice 69.5. After night class, I shuffled 2.1 miles.

By Tuesday the water had actually risen to 70 degrees, but for some reason I can't remember, I only swam 1,200 meters. Then I went out for a 7.52 mile multi-paced run. Maybe that's why.

Wednesday was my first swim in my new sleeveless shorty wetsuit. I did 2,400 meters, lifted some weights, and ran 2.11 miles.

The water had fallen to 68 by Thursday and I enjoyed my 3,100 meters swim. I would have done more, but I was experiencing some unexpected chaffing under my arms due to the wetsuit. I didn't run at all after the swim but went home and spent time with the cats. 

Friday I ran 10.06 miles with some pacing thrown in, my longest in a while. I also did some weightlifting.

Saturday I ran 1.97 miles and did some more lifting for both upper and lower body.

For the week, I

ran 23.78 miles,
lifted weights twice,
swam 8,800 meters, and 
walked 4.23 miles.

For the year, that puts me at 813,482 meters swimming (505 miles) and 980.09 miles running.