Friday, April 25, 2014


Here it is Friday and I haven't even posted about last week's training. Two reasons: I've been writing some narratives, and we are coming down to the end of a semester. The wrapping up of a school term always brings with it a business that is a bit overwhelming. I'll make this short:

For the week of 4/14-3/20, I

swam 11,962.64 meters,
ran 15.92, and
walked 2.27 miles.

Not good numbers, I know, not the kind I need anyway. Last year at this time I was going crazy because winter wouldn't die and the water temps were still in the low 60s preventing me from swimming really long. This year we have a spring and the temps are fine, but I'm going crazy because my body is not sound and, in the water, I am about 60 miles behind last year's languid training pace.


I have had some issues with my right pectoral muscle which have plagued me since I swam my first 10K of the year in early April. I hate drama but it seems I can't escape it. Internally I am full of doubt, frustration, and turmoil.

The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi put up and event page, The Chicot Challenge III, two days ago and that is both exciting and intimidating to me. It is now on the line, it is public, there is no hiding. I have to come through or fail in front of everyone. That's OK, and very motivating IF my body would just cooperate.

If you are a praying person, please say some for me.

Thank you.