Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three Pool PRs

I finished out the week of 9/21-9/27 with some major Beetsdown training that included three pool PRs. Remember just a few posts ago I was lamenting my lost youth when it comes to running. Probably one reason I focus on swimming so much now is I am still improving at it. At my age, to get better at anything athletic gives me a real charge. Bad news for Randy Beets. But since it is so late in the week, let me begin at the beginning.

Monday, John and I went to Twin Rivers. The water has begun its Fall cool down and was 84 degrees, warm enough most likely to kill Shawn C. Turner but decidedly cooler for us. I swam

5 X 400 @ 9:00
3 X 300 @ 6:45
2 X 150 @ 3:1total: 4,200 meters.

Tuesday I arrived at the pool after a 9.22 mile run and the water was 82. I struggled through 4,800 meters. That much running always kills my swim. I cramp and have low energy. Wednesday the water was even cooler at 81 and for some reason, which I have already forgotten, I only swam 2,500.

Thursday, however, the water was still 81 and fireworks began. They went like this:

400 FT 6:44.31
200 easy
300 FT 4:55.83 (a PR!)
200 easy
200 FT 3:14.91
200 easy
150 FT 2:26.51
200 easy
100 FT 1:34.31
200 easy
50 FT 44.56
500 easy
total: 4,100

Friday, after a day of quality, I went back with the idea of going long and easy. The water was all the way down to 80. John and I waded in about 12:00 pm, and I started a straight swim that lasted four hours and twelve minutes. I did 13,000 meters with no nutrition, not even water. This was my longest pool swim ever, hence a second PR. The first 10,000 also was a personal best at 3:12:26. I didn't get my 5K split, which no doubt would have resulted in a fourth PR.

Saturday I ran 6.16 miles in the morning and lifted weights in the afternoon. For the week, I

ran 23.42 miles,
biked to work and home five times (5.0),
swam 28,600 meters,
walked 3.38 miles, and
lifted weights one time.