Friday, October 31, 2014

New Study

I just read an interesting scientific study that said people who sleep in on Friday morning, drink lots of coffee and hang out with cats and a weenie dog before going out on an adventure run are more likely to, 1) beat Randy Beets' butt whenever they compete, 2) irritate Randy Beets' mom, and 3) drive Randy Beets into Beetsdown Syndrome. Who knew?

Today's adventure run involves a bunch of Carroll County hills but no mystery roads. One hill is the upgrade I marked with paint a couple of months back. I painted a number every 100 meters from the bottom to the pinnacle. I run this one periodically. Usually, however, I turn off onto a gravel road at the crest of the long incline. My mind has been going up that same paved road, which if one were to continue past the gravel road, then begins a long, long descend to another creek bottom before beginning another climb to Mount Olive Baptist Church. 

After cresting the Mount Olive hill, I plan to turn around and run back to the gravel road where I will exit off the pavement and become more involved with nature. This trek will give me lots of long inclines and declines both of which put lots of unique stresses on the legs. I have the scientific study to fuel my imagination and fire my synapses as I shuffle for miles and miles and miles. I think Randy Beets will be at work. I may be just a teacher and make just a teacher's pay, but I have time to go out and play.

The week has been a good one thus far. My swimming has almost dropped by the wayside, though I did get in the pool Tuesday without a wetsuit. I didn’t take a reading, but I estimate the temp was 68. My swimming slowdown is OK because my athletic years have a structure to them and part of the plan is a rise and fall of water distance. The current focus is to work on strength and running.
On the cat front, Luvie has been extremely affectionate since I came back from Tennessee. I like that. Whenever I recline on the bed, he hops up and gets close. After he does, it is extremely difficult for me to disturb him, and sometimes he holds me hostage for hours. Life is tough.
On the dog front, Lucky has been doing well considering all that is wrong with her. She has cancer and at one point it looked like she might not survive the week. Dr. Andy has her on some steroids, vitamins, and anti-inflammatories. She has bounced back a bit, but her age and disease has left her a shell of what she once was. John has been coming over twice a week and working out with me in the backyard gym. She loves him because he pets her and talks to her and makes her feel special.
Monday I lifted with John and then did a ten-mile run after work. Tuesday I was in the cool pool water for 2,500 meters straight. I also ran 4.25 miles after drying off and changing clothes. Wednesday I once more lifted with John and ran after night class. This week my night run was 5.33 miles and included some multi-pacing. Thursday it was a short run on turn rows north of town.
I spent a good bit of the week trying to come up with a Friday adventure run. I had several ideas, but I was searching for one that made me nervous, excited, that kept me awake at night. I didn't find that one. What my mind kept coming back to, however, was those hills over on the highway. I have never run all of them. Today is the day. Now my coffee cup is almost empty. If I could just get this cat to wake up.