Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Penultimate Week

OK, last week I fell prey to the lies coming out of the Beets camp and let up on my training. On my swimming anyway. Running wise I had my best week of the year this last one before the big race. Beets has been cryng like a little girl about how he has an infection how his neck hurts how his shoulder locked up. I got lazy a few times and didn't swim at all. Then I thouught, "I've been played." You can't trust anyone who is over seven feet tall. That's a fact.

For some reason I don't remember, Monday I only swan 1,900. I did, however, take a 9.51 run after work and in the dark. I am still loving the darkness. I remember from years past that I always tire of it late in the winter and rejoice in the lengthening of the days. Now I am rejoicing in the lengthening of the nights.

Tuesday I took a four mile run and then went to Lake Ferguson to do a practice swim with Justin Nunnery who is replacing my son, Forrest, as my pilot for the Suck. I hate Forrest can't make the trip because for the past three years this has been a father/son thing. But Justin is a good guy and it will be nice to hang out with him. The water was warm and Justin borrowed a kayak on the lake. We only did 1.04 miles, just far enough for us to get the feel of how to work together. I think it will be OK. He knows what the goal is: Beat Randy Beets! I hope he has my back because I know Robin Bond has Randy's.

I can't remember why but my training diary says I didn't swim at all Wednesday, but I did run 4.06 miles. Thursday I swan 4,500 then got lazy and did not run after the swim. Friday I just wanted to run a road I hadn't seen in a while (See "Boys Just Want to Have Fun") so I skipped swimming altogether. I explored a Carroll County road on foot and ran 11.11 miles in addition to some walking.

Saturday was the big day with some HUGE SEC matchups in Mississippi. At half time of the State/A&M game I went out for a 3.57 mile run. Surprisingly, I had some pep in my legs and did a little over a half at my goal 10K pace for the next year's Oaks.

Normally I don't do anything on Sundays but go to church, take naps, and grade papers. However, I was feeling so bloated from way too much forced eating that I went out for a 5.36 mile shuffle in an effort to burn some calories off.

For the week,

walked 4.1 miles
rode my bike 5.0 miles
swam only 8,074 meters, and
ran 37.64 miles.

That is way too little swimming even though it is time to start backing off. The race is October 11th. It's gunna be a Beetsdown! Then I want to start training for a mrathon run and maybe an ultra.