Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of 10/13-10/19

For a week following a big race, the last seven days were really nice. I only swam two times for a total of 7,300 meters, but the outdoor pool is still open and Ms Debbie says she is leaving up until November 1. Yehaa. John has dropped out of the swimming, but that is OK. We, John and I, start lifting weights today at Plate City Gym. Speaking of Plate City, sometime back I promised a blog post on it. I keep forgetting. With company coming, however, I will snap some photos and write a post on what I think is the best backyard gym in the country.

With the cooling weather and the open water season over, I plan on ramping up my running. I am getting the itch for the Mississippi Trail 50, since we have some unfinished business together, me and that race. A few years back, I registered for the 50-miler but had to tap out after only 33.4 due to going in injured. I did get credit for a 50K finish, but I want that belt buckle all 50-mile finishers get. All I have to do is pay an entry fee, train like an Olympian for several months, travel to south Mississippi, and run 50 miles. If I do all that, I can get a belt buckle. Sure beats shopping at Walmart.

As stated earlier, today I resume my weight training, the major goal of which is to prepare for next year's Beetsdown. I work yearound to defeat Randy Beets, and I am refusing to let his no-show at the Suck take the shine off my win. I did a little weight work last week just to get my body ready to go. Besides the weights, I hope to get in the water at least three times, run a lot, and eat better. I am still a bit overweight from my disastrous journey run of last December. But now I have some goals and I am as excited about training as I have ever been. Bad news for Randy Beets.