Monday, December 28, 2015

12/21 - 12/27

Being off work is nice and being able to train as much as I want is even nicer. Finally, I am becoming fit enough to do about whatever I want. By that I mean, I can run on a whim pretty much as far as I desire and then do it again a few days later. For me, that has always come only after months of unabated training. I now have a solid ten months of unbroken running. Before that I was sidelined only six weeks and there is another eleven months of steady training before that. Now, if I can just get the weight off, I think my pace will improve drastically.

Monday I slept in a bit and drank a lot of coffee. Then I dragged outside and ran 4.07 miles. I wanted to lift some weights but rain moved in and I just didn't want to push through while getting soaked. Tuesday I ran 6.17 multi-paced miles and then went to DSU where we had practice for the first time in three weeks. That's too long to be out of the water. The pool was set up for long course. I was only able to get 2,400 meters before practice was over. Since the pool is closed and there were no life guards on duty, I could not stay and swim extra on my own. I had to get out and leave.

Wednesday I did lift weights and ran 3.03, and Thursday was Christmas Eve. I already wrote about my 15.7 mile run to Hillbilly Heaven. What I haven't told you, however, is that I did it again Saturday. We were going back so I decided to ambulate it and like last time, let my legs talk to me on the way and tell me how much I needed to walk. I ran the whole thing again and this time I did the Big Hill Mile in 12:27, almost a minute faster than I did on Christmas Eve. That was very encouraging to me.

For the week, I

walked 4.25 and
ran 44.61 miles,
swam 2,400 meters, and 
lifted weights two times.