Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Swummed

I went to DSU Tuesday night and swam for only the third time since the first of November. As Bruce Buffer would say, "It's TIME!!" It is time to begin work on my long neglected swim fitness. Since I dropped Swim the Suck this year and have been running well, my focus has been on having fun on my feet. And I have done that, had fun on the feet, and I plan on having more fun. But I can no longer neglect swimming and upper body weightlifting. 

From November 19th through the 23rd, I completed The Great Noxapater Journey Run, (I am drafting Day Five now), something I had long planned, prepared for, and dreamed of. Now my bucket list is one item shorter. After the big run, I didn't do much from Tuesday on. In fact that Monday (23rd) I only ran 1.7 miles on the final leg to my aunt's house in Noxapater. For the week, I only ran 6.61 miles and did not swim at all. I did, however, lift weights a couple of times. 

This week, I am slowly rebuilding my running distance, committing to being consistent on the weights, and resuming swimming. This time of year I cannot swim much, but I can no longer let opportunities pass me by. At the pool last night I swam

1,350 (I felt my lack of fitness while doing this)
8 X 50 @ 1:30 decline 1-4
800 breathing 3, 5, 5, 7 by 25
100 easy
50 easy
8 X 50 @ 1:30 progressive 1-4
total: 3,000 SCYs.

Only 3,000 and I had had enough. But I am at the very bottom of the mountain, and I know the way to the top. I've been there before. From now on, the Chicot Challenge will motivate everything I do.

Running wise, I still have some things on the agenda. I plan to do some one day Buddy Bones runs, and I also plan to do my son's birthday run (thirty miles) in January. In February we, Forrest and I, plan to do the Mississippi River Marathon. But more and more, running will become cross training instead of the main training while swimming shifts to the forefront. 

This week I ran 2.5 Monday and 2.65 Tuesday. I am still easing back into things. I feel thankful to God that I am not injured and by grace and good sense I plan to keep it that way.