Monday, December 21, 2015

Luvie's Report

By Luvie

Fat boy has finally developed a little discipline and is trying to lose some weight. I hope I am not speaking too soon, but he had a few good food days last week and says he's determined to shed some fat through the holidays. Maybe he can do it. If you remember, he put on ten plus after his December 2013 failed journey run. To lose that weight has been on his list for two years now.

He has finally gotten serious about something else that has been on his list for years. In the past, he has always payed lip service to the need for lower body strength work while at the same time finding reasons not to do it. After the next race, he would say over and over. Now he is making a bonafide effort to do what he's always know he should. By the time he gets it all worked out, he'll be an old man. Oh wait, he's already an old man.

It was a pretty good training week for him although he was highly agitated that he didn't get to swim a single time. December is always difficult for him to get much swimming in, but this year has been the worst one yet. To make that even more of an issue, he is beginning to toy with the idea of upping his Chicot Challenge by two miles instead of one. Last year, Chicot IV was a 19-mile effort. For 2016, he is thinking at least 20 miles, and now he is toying with the idea of swimming 21 miles. 

Monday he ran 3.01 miles and did some bench pressing and swim pulling. He likes the bench press because he says it helps his swimming. He also went to one of the many parties he has to attend this time of year, a party that requires him to eat. Of course he ate way more than he should have.

Tuesday he did some lower body cross-fit style lifting coupled with some running. This workout was a circuit of stiff leg dead lifts, knee lifts, squats, an agility ladder,  some cord work, tire flips, walking squats, and running. He worked through the circuit three times for a total of 3.51 miles of running. In addition to the workout, he mounted his bicycle frame that is attached to bike trainer. This is one of his plans to seriously improve his upper body fitness.

Wednesday he just did an easy 4.12 miles of running, and Thursday he ran 4.41 easy miles and did some more upper body weight lifting. Friday was his big day. That's when he and James Bevis did their ramble run in Montgomery County. For fatso, his total were 13.08 miles of running and 7.61 miles of walking.

Saturday he trained a little more with more weight lifting and 2.12 miles of running. His totals for the week were

run - 30.25
walk - 11.84
swim - none
weights - three times

Next up: Forrest's birthday run, then the Mississippi River Marathon. More on that later.