Monday, December 7, 2015

Luvie's Report

For two weeks my lazy human did almost nothing. He finished the Great Noxapater Journey Run on Monday, November, 23. After that he mostly just took lot naps and drank coffee. His total running for that week was 6.61 with 11.38 miles of walking. He swam not at all and lifted weights only once.

The next week (11/30-12/6) was headed the same way until Saturday when he finally shook off his lethargy and did something real. Until then he had run 8.17 miles and lifted weights once. He did, however, swim two times for a total of 6,675 short course yards.

He was a little ticked at having to miss his Friday run so he headed out Money Road for a long one. He did a marathon plus a mile. He will write about that later. Let me just give you the totals. For the week, he

ran 27.56 
swam 6,750 short course yards
lifted weights once, and 
walked 10.72 miles.

My name is Luvie, and I wrote this post.