Monday, June 13, 2016

6/6 -6/12

Some week. Good week. I did the big swim, but here I will only report the numbers, and I'll do a full write up on the Challenge later.

Monday, I swam 4,100 meters at Twin Rivers and ran 2.01 miles. Tuesday I swan 2,200 meters and ran 2.02 miles. I also saw Tracey Robertson and Gordon Ditto at the pool and they both purchased a Chicot shirt from me. Wednesday I swam 2,000 and since I was so tired, I did not run at all. Thursday I did another easy 2,000 meter swim and ran 2.02 miles. That gave me 10,300 meters before the big swim which is a bit more than I have done during event week in the past.

Friday, I slept in as long as possible and then napped and hung out with the cats. Eventually, I got up, finished packing, and headed for Lake Village. Once in my room at the Lighthouse Inn, I only got out only once and that was to get a pizza from Fox's. I slept pretty well and was at Ditch Bayou by 5:30 am. The crew was on time, but I still only managed to start swimming at 6:38. To make a short story long, I swam 22.38 miles in 13:53. That gave me an all-time record for the longest swim and the biggest swim week of my life.

For the week, I

swam - 46,309 meters,
ran - 6.05 miles, and 
walked 1.6 miles.

Full write up with some pictures later.