Monday, June 6, 2016

5/30 - 6/5

The week of 5/30 - 6/5 was one like no other for me. After starting a radical taper, and then postponing the swim, I was left with a real query about how to treat my body. I decided I needed to refresh my endurance base and restart the taper. Consequently, I went to the pond, Saturday, on the day it was supposed to rain all day. I carried an extra pair of jammers (togs as the Brits call them) in case I did get rained out and had to make the trip to DSU. The swimming had to be done. I kept an eye on the sky as I stroked for 7.17 miles. Maybe that will help me out Saturday. The week looked like this:

Monday - 3,400 meters at Twin Rivers and 12.03 miles running

Tuesday - 2,100 meters at the pool with 3.35 miles of running

Wednesday - 2,400 pool meters and 8.01 miles of running

Thursday - no swimming and 3.32 miles of shuffling

Friday - no swimming and 4.06 miles of running 

Saturday - 7.17 miles of pond swimming and 2.01 miles of shuffling

Sunday - church and naps.

I have never been a streaker, one who runs every day. But a while back, I perceived that my body needed something different and I began a streak. Previously, my longest streak was 21 days done in 2008. Saturday I ran my 100th day in a row and intuitively I knew it was time to end the streak.

Actually, the end of the running streak and the swim's postponement were both providential, I believe, because if you look at the numbers above, there is way too much running in there for a taper. In fact, I was exhausted Thursday and the prospects of a really long swim were a bit daunting. This week I will run very little and I hope to have my mind right by Saturday. The weather forecast is perfect and the excitement that should have been there last week but was absent is coming back to me now. Stay tuned. We swim this weekend.