Friday, December 16, 2016

Long Surprise

The Mad Swimming Scientist cancelled all our Masters practices this week. Oddly, I didn't come unhinged. Slowly, I am learning that my off season is a needed break both my body and mind benefits from in order to refresh for the big Chicot buildup. Still, I like to swim, I want to swim, and I need to swim. Some. Don't force me into total hibernation.

So I drove over to DSU Thursday for the noon opening. The parking lot was bare and the lights inside were off. I got that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and then walked to the door to look for signage when Ronnie, the main man, drove up. Ronnie Mayers runs the whole shootin' match at the natatorium. He opened up and said, "Swim away." I did.

To my shock, awe, and amazement, the pool was set up for long course. I love long course and feel it is much better for endurance work. Normally the pool is short course all winter. But they had some sort of swim meet (one of the reasons we lost our Masters sessions) and they switched over to 50 meters. I swam

3,000 straight 1:00:47
10 X 50 @1:15 (85%)
8 X 150 @3:09 small paddles
400 easy 4:11
total: 5,100

It was good. It was real. It was real good. 

I hope to do it again today.