Friday, December 30, 2016

Walking to Africa

We walked to Africa. Details later.

First, I loaded the truck and headed for DSU. It was Thursday so I planned a double dip. If you know me very well, you know that for me, too much is never enough. Next spring I am scheming on some triple dips.

At the pool, I kept things simple, a straight 4,000 meter swim. The pool is still set up for long course. Cagri, The Mad Swimming Scientist, said it will stay that way until January 10. I averaged 1:58. Then I went to the kids'.

I decided  to take a walk and was out on the road when I heard, "Poppy." It was my grandson, Zane, and he and the moose-sized dog, Lucky, were hunting a skunk in the weeds in front of the house and it smelled like it. I didn't ask any questions, but Zane told me there was a skunk in a cage in there and it sprayed Lucky three times. I just kept walking.

Zane and Lucky went with me. When we got way down the road, past the airport, Caitlin texted. 

"Are you with Zane?"


"Where are you?"

"We are walking to Africa."

"How far is that?"

"16,000 miles."

"I thought 10,000."

We turned around and headed back. When we started getting close to home, Caitlin came walking up the road to meet us. "Zane, tell her we went all the way to Africa and saw zebras and lions and giraffes."

She didn't believe us. 

Then I waded into the weeds where Zane and Lucky were skunk hunting and found a skunk in a live trap. Go figure. After that we went to the ditch and threw rocks.

I went to Masters and got there early so I could get in the pool ahead of the others and do extra distance. The team training there ahead of us was late getting out so despite arriving early, I didn't get any extra distance. I/we swam

700 warm up
8 X 200 r :30 1-4 pull/paddles, 5-8 paddles only
Tabitha and I did an extra one (swim) while Ricky finished up.
100 cool down
total: 2,600 + 4,000 = 6,600 for the day.