Friday, December 9, 2016

Rare Double Dip

Thursday I did a rare double dip unlike any I have done before. A few weeks back, I did a Twin Rivers-- cold and short-- and a Masters double. The totals weren't that impressive, but I had fun. Sometimes in the spring when ramping up for the Chicot Challenge I will do a pond/Masters double. But since this is my off season, I typically don't swim too much this time of year. I woke Thursday morning, however, off work and hungry to be active. Then I remembered something the Mad Swimming Scientist suggested to me last whenever: swim at noon and then come to Masters. So I did.

At noon, I swam

1,650 warm up
25 X 100 @2:00 (1:24 - 1:32)
650 small paddles
total: 4,800 yards.

I went to my daughter's and saw my grandchildren then went back for more swimming. For the second session, I swam

700 warm up
400 (last 25 of each 100 fast; 6:12)
400 (2nd 50 of each 100 fast)
50 easy
400 (last 75 of each 100 fast; 6:05)
16 X 50 @1:30 decline 1 - 4 (1st set: 41, 40, 39, 38; best 37 on last 50)
total: 2,950
total for day: 7,750 yards = 7,083 meters.