Monday, July 24, 2017

7/17 - 7/23

I swam again. It was a little better. I'll take it. Tuesday I only swam 500 but what I didn't tell you when I wrote about was that 400 of that was with fins. I put the fins on to take pressure off the shoulder. Thursday morning, I swam 700 and none of it was with fins. These were done 50 at a time except for once I did 100. When I flipped and pushed off the wall, my shoulder hurt. Go figure. Maybe it was the flexing of the whole body with the arms overhead that the shoulder didn't like. Anyway, I went back to 50 one at a time.

Just seven weeks ago I swam 23.5 miles. Now I am doing a few slow 50s. This makes me feel pretty weird, but I am thankful to be able to swim even that paltry amount. Hope has been renewed; progress is being made.

John and I were supposed to meet at Twin Rivers at 7:00. I already knew he wouldn't be there on time; I figured I would leave the house when Penny left for work, about 20 till 8:00. I started swimming at 7:47 and was done by the time John arrived. I seriously think when John passes that the funeral directors should roll him in at least 20 minutes after the service starts. No joke.

Besides my big 1.200 meters of swimming for the week, I did some walking, a total of 12.33, and some bike trainer work: two session of 40:00 and 50:00 minutes respectively on Monday and Tuesday. So all in all it was another light week of mild activity and too much food. I feel trapped in a downward spiral. When will I escape this sinking ship?

Help me Lord, and praise be to God who gives hope to the sons of men.