Thursday, July 13, 2017

Beets Sentenced

Beets Sentenced
By Jay Unver

Lehrton, MS (BA) Short, sweet, and to the point. That's how things went down at the Big ASS Training Center Conference room this morning when Dr. Timothy Nomann sentenced Randy Beets who last week pleaded nolo contendere at his latest disciplinary trial. 

Nomann gaveled the court into session after the pledge of allegiance had been recited by all in attendance. 

Beets and counsel, Johnny Johnson of Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson were asked to approach the bench.

"Mr. Beets, I fine you $1.00."

Beets visibly wobbled and had to be held erect by Johnny Johnson of Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson. 

"This sentence is suspended for a period of one year. If you are brought before the court again, within the next twelve months, this fine will be imposed upon you along with any other penalties that may accrue due to additional charges."

Beets was stable again. And just like that, Randy Beets was a free man. He and Johnny Johnson of Johnson, Johnson, and Johnson were all smiles. Zane Hodge, who sat in the back, quickly exited the room after sentencing as did the Barber Shop.

Law enforcement in Lehrton County has been placed on high alert.