Thursday, October 17, 2013


Light rain fell from an overcast sky as I stepped out of the 60 degree air and into the clear, crisp 72 degree water. I can remember when this was torture. Now I find it strangely delightful. Funny how things change. I don't know for how much longer Twin Rivers will keep the pool open, but I intend to avail myself of it every opportunity I get.

This was Wednesday, and I had time to go long, so I thought I would. After a 2,100 meter warm up, I swam 300 with medium paddles and then decided to try out some 100s on 1:57 since I had just put that workout into my watch. That set was Dead On Arrival. I had trouble making the interval. WHAT ?!?!?! I don't know why, but I couldn't swing it, so I ended the set and put on my small paddles. I only swam 300 with the small paddles and by then I was beginning to get cold. I got my pull buoy and took the paddle off my left hand. I am determined at next year's Suck I won't have the same arm/shoulder issues that could get me beaten by Beets. After only 300, however, I was tired and more cold, so I did 100 easy and got out. My total for the day was 3,400 meters, and I shivered a little as I dried off under the outdoor canopy and put my damp clothes on.

At school for my night class, we discussed Whatever Happend to Baby Jane?  The film, which we watched the Wednesday before, delivered a huge emotional impact to the entire class. We discussed why it hit hard the way it did. More than one student said it is a WOW! film.

We watched DOA (1950), and although it is an interesting movie, a film noir classic, and a quest of an interesting kind, it was Dead on Arrival. I exaggerate, but I could tell the impact that Baby Jane had was absent, although one student had red, teary eyes. But she always does. I think I could show the local weather and she would cry. I can't wait, though, for next week. On tap is Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? I have almost nothing analytically to say about this one, but it hits as hard a Baby Jane does and always leaves me in stunned silence.

Today, I plan on meeting Big John at the pool. My guess is the water will be 71 or lower, but it is supposed to be sunny and 71, so I should be able to last for maybe 4,000. That's the goal anyway.