Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sunday Sum Up

I went back to Twin Rivers Saturday and Brent Baily was getting out when I walked up. I had my rash guard in my swimming bag since it has a tad of neoprene on it and offers some protection against the cold. But when I saw Brent without a wetsuit, I knew I had to go skin.

Although Brent told me the water was 72, it felt colder to me, more like 70 or less. I threw my thermometer in and started warming up. I swam

4 X 300 @ 6:00
100 easy
2 X 250 @ 5:00
100 easy
200 medium paddle
200 small paddle right arm only
Total: 3,600 meters.

I checked my thermometer and it said 69.5. I knew it.

I've been doing some thinking on my training. Basically, I have been doing a lot of low intensity endurance work when I train alone and a lot of short sprint work when I go to Delta State (where I have not been in a while). I think I need a lot more of the kind of sets I did this week if I am to swim the Suck faster next year than I just did. When I push those 250s and 300s, after several reps I get the same burn in my rear deltoids and triceps muscles that I get when I hammer at the Suck. This year, it was so bad I had to roll over on my back, stretch, and pray. I really wondered at one point if I would be able to complete the swim because my right rear delt almost went on total strike. There is nothing wrong with doing sprints. There is nothing wrong with doing long endurance work. But I need to add something in between, the higher intensities in the longer pool sets. Those things hurt, but I am convinced they will pay off if I don't wimp out and go the easy route.

Later in the afternoon, Penny wanted to go to her mom's to help out some there. I got out at the Pelucia Creek bridge and shuffled the 6.22 miles in. I was shocked at how much running fitness I have lost in the short time I have taken off. I am even questioning if I can continue to run. With the issues I am having, it looks like swimming is the only sport in which I can maintain any real quantity and quality.

For the week, I

ran only 10.52 and walked 4.03 miles, and
swam 19,775.44 meters. This is a pretty good swim total for me this time of year.

For the year, I have

swum 688,329.59 meters, and
run 1,058.15 miles.

Despite all the miles, my running is not good but my swimming is. Consequently, I am scheming on the Chicot Challenge and the Swim the Suck although these events are a long way off. The Great Noxapater Journey Run is in real jeopardy.