Monday, October 26, 2015

Last Week, a post by Baby Kitty

While Luvie plans next week's training, fat boy let me, Baby Kitty, write last week's wrap up. He started Monday off with a bang by running 4.12 miles on what is an easy day. Tuesday, he did 10.56 miles with three of those miles being at 10K race pace. He followed that with some walking and some squatting at Plate City Gym.
Baby Kitty the author of this post.

Wednesday was another 4.63 miles of shuffling and some upper body weight lifting, which set up the following day at DSU perfectly. Fat boy has always liked to swim with stiff, sore muscles, and that is exactly what he got to do Thursday night after Wednesday's bench press session. For his first time in the pool in two and a half weeks, he swam

900 warm up
8 X 300 alternating paddles with swim and breathing patterns with no paddles
50 easy
total: 3,350 SCYs.

Friday he busted it out Money Road for a full marathon (see "The Buddy Bones Money Road Marathon, 10/25/2015 for details). His totals were 19.2 running and 7.12 walking for a total of 26.32.

Saturday he and his wife had to go to Carroll County so he got out of the truck on the way and ran 3.53 and walked 1.04 miles.

All in all, this was a good week of training for him, and he was pleased to find that he could still shuffle some after a full marathon. For the week he ran 46.27 miles, the biggest running week of the year. He also walked 11.02 miles, swam 3,250 SCYs, and lifted weights two times. This upcoming week is a planned drop back cycle, but he still intends to log over thirty miles of running. The seven days following next week should be one of massive volume in a final dash at journey run fitness. The Great Noxapater Journey Run is coming fast and he thinks about it constantly. Between me and Luvie, we should have him ready.