Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Buddy Bones Money Road Marathon

It's been a few weeks since Buddy and I did an adventure run. Friday, October 23, we didn't do one then either, but we did do a marathon. I figured I needed a full marathon distance at least once before The Great Noxapater Journey Run which is rapidly approaching. After this week, I have two more weeks of heavy training and then a two week taper period before I plan to launch on Thursday afternoon, November 19th. Since I was in save time mode, I decided not to make the drive to Carroll County, but launched instead from my front door, giving me more coffee and cat time before the long physical effort. Luvie loves Friday, and I hate leaving him before I give him enough affection to make him happy.

The weather was pretty much perfect, a tad warm, but I had rather have that than too cool anytime. The temp peaked at 83, but with a dew point of 62, an overcast sky coupled with a steady breeze, I felt as good as James Brown all day. Almost. I began with the idea of a three to one ratio, that is running three miles and walking one. I did this because I am not in full marathon condition yet and during the journey run I will need the physical and mental ability to start back running over and over after the legs have long lost their vigor.

As usual, a slow and steady decline marked my progress as I shuffled to Money, Mississippi and beyond by several miles, then turned and made my way back home. On the way, with the wind to my back, my shirt soaked with perspiration and I often daubed sweat off my face with a handkerchief. When I made the turn around at 13.15 miles and faced the wind, my shirt dried and my handkerchief stayed in my pocked. 

Ambulating home, I enjoyed the wind blowing leaves off the trees which are just now showing some real fall color. I stopped in Money long enough to snap some photos and pit stop at the fire department where I ate a Snickers, refilled my hydration pack, and lay down for a few minutes. 

The breakdown of the shuffle/hike went like this:
run- 3.02
walk- 1.0
run- 3.03
walk- 1.0
run- 3.11
walk- 1.0
run- 3.31
walk- 2.0
run- 3.36
walk- 1.0
run- 1.25
walk- 1.0
run- 2.27
total: 26.22 in  5:55:37 @13:33.

Not good, but not too bad for an old man out by himself. I did a marathon and no traffic was diverted, nobody had to give up a day volunteering, and no race director lost a year of life due to stress. And to make it all even better, I did not pay an entry fee. That's a win win; Buddy and I will do it again.