Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Swummed Again

One day closer. I did not get around to shuffling supplies to Seldom Seen. Maybe today. Thursday night I made it to the grand kids for a short visit. I was running late since I worked registration, but decided a short visit was better than no visit at all. Smu was happy to see me as always. 

I left and went to DSU. My swimming has fallen off a cliff. This is the first time in a while I have swum two weeks in a row. There was a new guy there named Zane. When I went to school as a little boy I hated my name because Sanford Thomas used to make up songs like: "Zane, Zane I know you shame/yo face looks like Jesse James." Several times on the first day, the teacher calling the role addressed me as Jane Hodge. That hurt. It was embarrassing. Later I came to like my name as I realized that no one else had it. I am, by the way, named after my grandfather whose mother named all her boys after authors, so yes in an oblique way I am named after Zane Grey. His mother, Lou Ella Krebbs (maiden name) married George Henry Quinton (her second husband). If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know that The Great Noxapter Journey Run is in part a re-enactment of George's journey from Utah the Mississippi. I plan a stop at his and Lou Ella's grave on my quest. Anyway, a new guy named Zane showed up. I don't like someone else having my name. "Zane" is not nearly as rare as it used to be. That bothers me. 

I swam

8 X 50
800 as breathing 3,5,7, fast by 25s
50 easy
4 X 100 middle 50 fast
50 easy
8 X 25 @ 1:30
total: 3,400 SCYs.