Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Some Days Are Tough

I have nothing to say. That makes writing a bit difficult, but "nothing great is easy" (see what I did there?). I think I'll try to come up with a strategy for making it through the afternoon. 

Today, after lunch, I will be imprisoned until 4:00 pm waiting on students who will not come by to have schedules made. What's the rush? Wait until school actually starts. With teachers in the room teaching, students show up at the counselor's office wanting to sign up for classes. "A dillar a dollar a ten o'clock scholar/what makes you come so soon/You used to come at ten o'clock/Now you come at noon."

My plan is to eat lunch and then lie on the floor for thirty minutes or so. OK, forty minutes. After that, I hope to walk up and down the halls and drink a couple of Coke Zeros. Next, I have some Snickers Bars in a filing cabinet in my office. Although I will hate myself tomorrow (see what I did there?), I'll eat at least one candy bar. OK, two. Then I will check the weather several times and stretch my calf muscles on the steps out front. 

When I finish stretching my calf muscles, I will check Facebook. Then I will sit before a blank sheet of paper and attempt to write some video ideas, you know, Marcus videos. Marcus is a big hit with my grandchildren. My grandson last week asked my, "How is Marcus?" Marcus is a star.

Although he is a star, he is a reluctant one. I have to beg and bribe him to shoot the videos. "I don't have time today, Doc," he will tell me when I ask him if we can shoot today.

"Come on, Marcus," I respond. "I'll give you a Snickers Bar."

"No, I really can't do it today. I have a lot to do."

So Marcus makes us beg and then wait a week for every video we shoot. Maybe his reluctance is a power play. Maybe he is flexing his influence, learning how to say "No," which is not a bad thing because that is a grace I never learned.

Anyway, I have said nothing for long enough. I think I'll post this and then go check the refrigerator in the teacher's lounge. Oh, I forgot, we don't have a teacher's lounge only a general purpose break room/copy room. Then I can walk out in the parking lot and look for loose change.