Monday, November 2, 2015

Luvie's Report

The week of 10/25-10/31 was a drop down week in my run training, but I didn't expect to drop down as much as I did. I had the pleasure of preaching a revival at Centerville Baptist, the little church Penny and I attend and recently joined. I enjoyed some pulpit time because I have had very little of that over the last year. I preached "Faith in The Book of Genesis," "Faith in Habakkuk," and "Belief in the Gospel of John." They were big messages that swept through entire books, which meant they were both challenging and fun for me.

Monday I ran 4.3, and Tuesday I did my longest run of the week with 12.07. Out of my dozen miles on Tuesday, 4.35 of them were at 10K race pace. I also did some squats after the long run so my legs were pretty much toast after that. Wednesday I did an easy 2.12 as I was pressed for time and hobbling on legs too tired for walking. Due to the revival, I ran not all on Thursday and only 2.42 miles Friday.

After church Friday, we had our Harvest Festival, which meant we ate a lot of food and had a cake walk. Funny how I enjoy things like that now. There was a time when a cake walk would have a) bored me, b) irritated me, c) disgusted me, or d) all of the above. The answer is "d" but not any more. I won a nice brownie dish that I have guarded jealously and consumed with vigor. We also had an eating contest at the church Friday night and John Misterfeldt, my training partner who was visiting to hear me preach, ate so much that he won first and second place. 

Saturday and Sunday were spent resting as much as possible. It was not possible to rest as much as I needed to or wanted to but I got in a lot of leisure.

This week, 11/1-11/7, is the planned biggie of the year. I hope to bust out around fifty miles running and a dozen or more walking before starting my taper for The Great Noxapater Journey Run.