Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Luvie's Post

I let fat boy take it easy last week. He ran 3.09 Monday (see what I did there? I did not say "on Monday." Don't do that). Tuesday he ran 4.05 and Wednesday he ran 4.03 and swapped his work computer from his backpack to his computer case. That was so he could start getting his stuff together and loading up for the journey run. 

Thursday he did not run but instead went to see his grandchildren and swam at DSU where is stroked 

8 X 50
800 breathing 3,5,7, fast by 25s
50 easy
4 X 100 middle 50 fast
50 easy
8 X 25
total: 3,400

Friday was his long run, the last one to stop the decline of endurance before the biggie. He shuffled 9.01 miles and walked .19. Saturday he did lots of lounging and watching of college football. He did shuffle 2.05 miles and lifted weights at Plate City Gym. 

Sunday was a day of Sabbath, as always. Now the time is almost here.