Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Luvie's Short Report on The GNJR

By Luvie

Today I am writing fat boy's simple report on The Great Noxapater Journey Run. He says he will write a more detailed account later.

Day One: 23.1 miles from Greenwood to a little east of Carrollton

Day Two: 11.54 miles from a little east of Carrollton to Winona

Day Three: 27.46 miles from Winona to French Camp

Day Four: 30.52 miles from French Camp to Louisville

Day Five: 10.16 miles from Louisville to Noxapater

Total: 102.78.

Zane says he will compose a write up of each day's run. Not only that, but he says there will be a separate post about what he learned on this journey. Really? He vows it's true, that he made a new friend, had some personal encounters with strangers, did some deep thinking, and learned a lot about himself and life. I think he's just trying to justify his indulgence, but he promises it's true that he has some real lessons everyone needs to think about. He even says he now has something to say that no one has ever said before. Boy, what a boast. We'll see about that.

Meanwhile, since he came home he's been waddling around like a penguin claiming his feet are sore, and says his goal for the next twenty-four hours is to wear no shoes. He also promises to see how much coffee he can drink, how many naps he can take, and how much cat petting he can do in one day. We'll see about that too.
I am Luvie, and I wrote and approve of this blog post.