Monday, February 27, 2017

2/19 - 2/26

By the grace of God, I had a good week in the water and the dogs had a good one on land. The week started with us taking a trip to the pond, a 3.31 mile swim (5,325 meters), and a 1.31 miles walk.

Tuesday was masters for 

8 X 150
8 X 25
3 X 650
total: 6,000 yards = 5,484 meters.

Wednesday we, the dogs and I, went back to the pond for another 3.0 miles of swimming.

Thursday, since I was getting nervous about missing a week of lifting, went home after work and hit the weights before going on the DSU. On the bench, I pushed

20 X 65
15 X 95
12 X 115
10 X 120
8 X 125

At the pool, it was a total of 5,400 yards (I already wrote about the practice).

Friday we went back to the pond for 1.65 in the water and 1.12 walking, and Saturday, I benched (among a lot of things)

20 X 65
15 X 95
12 X 115
11 X 125
10 X 125

For the week, I swam 23,198 meters. This was the first time I have ever swum that much in one week in February. I also walked 6.69, and lifted weights two times. Nice week. Wish I could run. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.