Thursday, February 23, 2017

Typical Tuesday

It was a typical Tuesday which meant I taught at the Moorhead campus then made my way to the kids house after work. The pond was a real temptation for me since I had so much fun there Monday. But I felt almost like I would be cheating on the dogs if I went without them. How did that happen?

Sorry about the quality here.

I guess one way it happened involves how things turned out last year during my Chicot training. Randy Beets moved to North Carolina a few years ago and forever changed how I train. Then John, my pool partner, was out of pocket the whole spring being occupied with taking his wife to the doctor during a bad spell in her health. In short, I, an introvert and loner, became lonesome, something which rarely happens to me. Now when I go to the pond, I have someone there, two someones in fact, Bear and Pee Wee. They run and romp and have the best time ever. They even follow me around the pond as I swim laps. Bear goes around once, but Pee Wee will stay for as many laps as I have swum thus far. Bear is as lazy as he is smart. He figures the game out and after one loop waits on me at the truck. In the shade, of course.

They not only provide me company, but Pee Wee makes me cry every time I watch him run. He reminds me of my dad's bird dogs that I grew up hunting with. He ranges like a pointer, and he hits the brush like one. He hunts. It's in him, placed there by God. I wish Dad could watch this little fellow go. He would be impressed I am sure and I can't watch the happy canine without thinking of Dad. This dog is not only full of energy and hunting instincts, but he is happy and they both have a blast when we go to the pond. We'll have to go back soon. For them, of course.

Oh, I almost forgot. I swam 6,000 yards at DSU. That brought me to 10,800 meters for two days of swimming and the weather forecast looks good. Here I go. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.